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Lice Lifters of Coral Springs, FL Says Old Lice Treatments No Longer Work

News flash: Traditional lice treatments no longer work.


Coral Springs, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/19/2016 -- Lice Lifters® of Coral Springs, a head lice removal center in Coral Springs FL that services South Florida residents, is proud to offer 100% natural lice removal services at their salon. Natural head lice removal salons are the wave of the future, and for good reason.

It used to be that when a child got sent home from school with head lice, the over the counter Rid or Nix was the only option.

"These products were convenient, relatively inexpensive and, not to mention, what your mom used on you and your siblings back in the 90s when you had head lice as a kid," said Michele Barrack, owner of the Lice Lifters® family of franchises.

News flash: Traditional lice treatments no longer work. The majority of parents of the 6 to 12 million children diagnosed with lice in the U.S. every year learn this the hard way. They apply Rid or Nix several times to their child's head, only to find the nasty little critters alive and kicking minutes later. The reason the lice aren't dying is simple: Permethrin resistance. Head lice have mutated over the years to develop resistance to the pesticide Permethrin, the active ingredient in most over-the-counter lice products.

"It's like anti-biotic resistance," Barrack said. "The head lice of our youth have essentially evolved into what's been dubbed 'super lice.'"

Permethrin resistance started to develop about 20 years ago, due to the fact that only a single product was used to kill head lice. This resistance has grown worse every year. Today, almost 100 percent of lice strains have some type of Permethrin resistance.

Not only are Permethrin-based products ineffective, they're dangerous. "They can cause cancer, seizures and skin irritation," Barrack said. Applying the product over and over to a child's head only increases the chances of ill effects on health.

Unfortunately many doctors have not yet caught on. Parents who opt to take their child to the doctor as first resort are usually told to simply use Nix or Rid. After hours of applying and reapplying these products to no avail, doctors will prescribe even more dangerous prescription treatments.

As a parent, chances are you wouldn't want to apply a synthetic, chemical pesticide to your child's scalp. Lice Lifters® of Coral Springs, FL understands that better than anyone. That is why they have developed a safe, 100% natural and guaranteed effective head lice treatment.

"Our product is 100% natural and completely safe for children," Barrack said.

Not only are Lice Lifters®' treatments 100% natural and safe, they are guaranteed. Parents simply have to call and make an appointment, and can usually be seen the same day. The Coral Springs, FL lice removal salon is a kid friendly atmosphere with trained technicians, putting both parents and children at ease.

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Lice Lifters of Coral Springs, FL is a member of the Lice Lifters family of franchises, which were founded 6 years ago by Michele Barrack. Lice Lifters is dedicated to helping those with lice get effective, fast and safe treatment. In addition to convenient 1-visit lice treatment, Lice Lifters® of Coral Springs offers their entire product line for sale, giving moms and dads the convenience of at-home treatment for a reasonable price.

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