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Lice Lifters of Cranford NJ Announces Sponsorship with Scotch Plains JCC


Cranford, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2013 -- As children are the most prevalent individuals to contract head lice, parents and children alike must take all proper precautions to ensure their hair and heads remain bug free. As community centers host camps, exercise programs, sports and daycare centers, there’s no better place to raise awareness for head lice. Because of the make of their membership, Lice Lifters of Cranford NJ is pleased to announce they are now teaming up with the Scotch Plains JCC to become sponsors. The Lice Lifters banner will be displayed at the JCC, advertising their highly effective treatments and products that will rid the hair of all lice.

For those that have shared a hat, coat, or various types of headgear in a program at Scotch Plains JCC and feel the effects of head lice, they are encouraged to make an appointment with the professional technicians at Life Lifters of Cranford NJ. The professionals will effectively treat their patients and kill all lice and nits in just one appointment using the innovative Triple Threat Treatment program. The Triple Threat package includes the FDA approved AirAllé™ heated air device, a thorough comb-out, and The Nit Nanny Lice Treatment Product line. Because head lice is easily contractible and can spread within seconds, it is important that the entire family is checked to ensure the annoyance of nits and bugs completely disappear from the household. The Nit Nanny Product line is entirely pesticide free and is used after the heated air treatment.

Those who attend events, camps or school at the Scotch Plains JCC will see the banner. For more information about their services, or to schedule an appointment with a specialist, please call 800-214-9264 or visit their website today.

About Lice Lifters
Lice Lifters® of Cranford, NJ is dedicated to providing their patients with effective remedies and treatment solutions to rid any head of the louse, nits, or lice living there. One treatment from the professionals can provide for a lice free head. Utilizing the FDA Cleared Airellé Device and the Nit Nanny products, which are kid friendly and non-toxic, Lice Lifters only provides safe and effective treatment. Michele Barrack established Lice Lifters® of Cranford, NJ as a result of being a mother who had experienced lice with her own children.

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