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Lice Lifters of Cranford NJ Offering Discount on Heated Lice Treatment This February


Cranford, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2014 -- As seasons change, head lice find new ways to scurry from head to head. In the winter, this happens through sharing personal clothing items, wearing ski hats at recess, and sharing scarves. Contracting head lice is a common occurrence in children, and frustrating to deal with. As technology has advanced, and treatments have become more effective, the annoyance of head lice can be eliminated in just one trip to a prominent lice treatment center near Short Hills, NJ. Offering high quality services, and more than just a comb-out, Lice Lifters of Cranford, NJ is pleased to announce they will now be offering clients a discounted price on their reliable heated lice treatment this February.

Whereas other lice treatment services don’t use killing agents in their treatments, Lice Lifters has certified technicians and non-toxic head lice solutions that quickly remove and eliminate any traces of lice. The technicians implement a safe, non-toxic, head lice treatment anchored with the use of their AirAllé™ device. This device is FDA cleared and effectively treats head lice with the simple use of heated air. A one hour visit to the Lice Lifters treatment center to kill 99 percent of nits in the hair. When needing lice service in Short Hills, Lice Lifters is offering their treatments at $5 off the regular price for the month of February.

Each treatment is concluded with a thorough comb-out to ensure the dead nits are removed from the hair, and patients can return to normal daily activities, like school, the very next day. Clinically proven and school nurse recommended, there is no safer treatment than the AirAllé™, heated air device for eliminating head lice. To hear more about the services offered by Lice Lifters of Cranford, NJ, or to make an appointment and receive a discounted price, please contact 800-214-9264 or visit their website today.

About Lice Lifters
Lice Lifters® of Cranford, NJ, is dedicated to providing their patients with effective remedies and treatment solutions to rid any head of the louse, nits, or lice living there. One treatment from the professionals can provide for a lice free head. Utilizing the FDA Cleared AirAllé™ Heated Lice Device and The Nit Nanny Products, which are kid friendly and non-toxic, Lice Lifters only provides safe and effective treatment. Michele Barrack established Lice Lifters® of Cranford, NJ as a result of being a mother who had experienced lice with her own children.

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