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Lice Lifters of Lafayette Hill Now Offering Head Checks for Summer Camp Kids


Lafayette Hill, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2014 -- Now that the summer camp season is drawing to a close, Lice Lifters of Lafayette Hill is performing head checks and treatments at camps in Pennsylvania and New Jersey in preparation for the school year to begin. Camp directors and parents don’t want to send kids back home or off to school with new residents on their scalps. Lice Lifters of Lafayette Hill has made a name for itself as one of the best places to get rid of lice in Philadelphia through the use of advanced lice removal techniques and products. Bring the kids in today to get checked and protect homes and schools from lice infestations.

Many overnight camps had head lice outbreaks this summer, so don’t take any chances. Even if the camp in question didn’t report any cases of lice or even if it’s just a day camp, get kids checked either way. Don’t settle for a simple mobile comb out service. Lice Lifters of Lafayette Hill offers heated air treatment guaranteed to kill 99% of lice and eggs in just one treatment. Mobile comb out services don’t use a killing agent, so missing just one egg could cause another infestation. They also recommend 2 treatments and charge by the hour and extra for travel time. Get a more affordable and more effective head lice treatment with Lice Lifters of Lafayette Hill.

For more information on lice removal services in Lafayette Hill visit Lice Lifters online or call 484-685-1095.

About Lice Lifters
Michele Barrack established Lice Lifters® of Lafayette Hill in September of 2010, as a result of being a mother who had experienced lice with their own children. The lice treatment center is dedicated to helping those who are suffering from lice get the proper, safest treatment that is needed to effectively eliminate lice. By giving families the peace of mind of living lice free is Lice Lifters® main goal as well as controlling outbreaks.

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