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Lice Lifters Provide 99.9% Effective and Guaranteed Head Lice Removal Service


Clark, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/28/2012 -- Lice Lifters, a fast growing lice removal franchise in the U.S, provides effective and guaranteed head lice removal services to its customers. They take responsibility of the client’s lice detection and removal very seriously. They partner with families so that they have the privilege to check or treat lice. They provide 99.9% effective and guarantee head lice removal service to their customers.

Lice Lifters technicians are professionally trained and certified in head lice detection and treatment as well as offering the FDA cleared Louse Buster device. The Lice Lifters professionals provide the best head lice removal service to the customers. Head lice are a major concern for many parents, as they seem to pop up from anywhere and end up in their children’s head. The technicians are compassionate and ready to help families with their lice situation. The technicians work very hard to treat and educate families about lice detection and prevention. Lice Lifters provide effective head lice treatment to their customers and also use non-toxic, pesticide free products.

They provide lice treatment in PA using the triple treatment process. Detecting and confirming that there is lice or nits, along with educating the caretaker responsible for the client is first priority that should be considered. Treatments will not be followed through until there is confirmation of lice or nits, and then soon after discuss treatment options. Aside from the triple treatment process, Lice Lifters provides the customer with information on how to do a head-check and the importance of being able to identify what they look like. They are also proud to have cleared more than half the clients confirmed with head lice that have came to their treatment center.

About Lice Lifters
All LiceLifters® treatment technicians are trained and certified to operate the FDA cleared LouseBuster™ device. Over-the-counter products and tools have proven to be less effective against head lice. Lice Lifters is dedicated to controlling lice outbreaks for everyone everywhere. Customers are in good hands and they look forward to helping them in their Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Connecticut lice removal treatment centers. To learn more visit