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Lice Lifters Southlake Treatment Center Opens in Southlake, TX, the Second Franchise in Texas

New Center Opened by Local Moms Featuring Lice Lifters One Quick Treatment. Done! All-Natural Lice Treatment Process Guaranteed to Work without Dangerous Pesticides


Southlake, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/16/2016 -- Head lice. It's a pesky and all-too-common problem that can be to get rid of, especially with Super Lice. The new Lice Lifters Southlake Head Lice Treatment Center, is opening in Southlake this month.

The owners are mom entrepreneurs Beth Kirschner and Kim DeJarnette. Michele Barrack, the owner of Lice Lifters Franchising is so happy to welcome Kim DeJarnette aboard. This is the second location owned by Beth Kirschner. Beth opened Lice Lifters DFW last May 2015. Lice Lifters DFW was so successful that Beth decided to partner up with Kim to open her second location in the Dallas, TX area.

Beth's Story: Bringing Lice Lifters to Dallas, Fort Worth Area

Beth's story for getting into the Lice Removal business was similar the founder, Michele Barrack's story. They both had repeat lice outbreaks within their family and could not get rid of the head lice with over the counter products. The lice kept on coming back – knowing they really never got rid of them in the first place.

"While I experienced unsuccessful results with a mobile comb-out service, many parents head to the drugstore for an over-the-counter treatment product, not realizing that they are soaking their child's hair with a pesticide that can be four times as powerful as heavy-duty outdoor bug spray, and yet may not even work," said Kirschner.

"I knew firsthand of the need for an effective lice removal treatment service in our area, so when I saw Lice Lifters products in action, I was certain that Lice Lifters had the one-two punch I'd been looking for — a nontoxic killing agent and an expert comb-out system to remove the nits and prevent them from coming back. I'm excited to bring Lice Lifters to Frisco and the surrounding North Texas community."

Kim's Story: To Team up with Beth and Open Lice Lifters Southlake

Kim always wanted to own her own business and was excited about the success of Lice Lifters DFW. Kim is thrilled to be able to partner with Beth to open up the new Southlake location. Kim is looking forward to growing the Lice Lifter Franchise throughout the state of Texas and to help the community rid themselves of these pesky bugs.

Guaranteed, All-Natural Treatment

Lice Lifters Southlake will use the perfected Lice Lifters Treatment being used in the DFW location. Each customer will be checked for lice and if found positive will be given the royal treatment by the highly trained Lifticians. There will be an intensive comb-out used in conjunction with our signature nontoxic, all-natural killing agent Lice Lifters Solution®.. Every comb-out at Lice Lifters is done with precision, professionalism, and lots of patience, using a special proprietary micro-grooved nit comb.

"The over-the-counter treatments with pesticides only work about 50 percent of the time, even when combined with nit combing, because lice have grown genetically resistant to the pesticides in many popular lice removal products (Source: New England Journal of Medicine, 2012)," explains Beth Kirschner, owner of Lice Lifters Treatment Center in Frisco. "That's why Lice Lifters worked with chemists to develop an all-natural killing agent that blocks lice airways and stops live activity in 10 minutes or less."

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