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Lice to Kill Features eBook That Teaches Parents a Toxic-Free and Effective Way to Get Rid of Lice


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2012 -- For parents, there is nothing quite like that stomach-churning feeling of realizing that their child has head lice.

From the constant scratching of the scalp and red patches of irritated skin to actually seeing the tiny critters and their eggs hanging out in the hair, the signs and symptoms of lice are both pretty obvious and extremely distressing.

Once the lice have been discovered, most parents spend a lot of time and money buying products that claim to eliminate head lice, while also washing everything the child has ever touched in hot water. It’s an extremely stressful experience for everyone involved.

Sheila Newth understands how horrible it can be to discover that a child has lice. Her own daughter once came down with a stubborn case of head lice, and Newth spent weeks using every prescription and over-the-counter treatment trying unsuccessfully to get rid of them.

One day, Newth stumbled upon an online post that discussed an unusual product that was incredibly effective at killing off lice once and for all. Newth contacted the mom who wrote about it and got the instructions on how to safely and effectively use the all-natural lice treatment.

Within 24 hours of using it on her daughter’s head, the lice were gone. Two days later, she could finally go back to school.

Newth is now on a mission to share what she learned with other parents who are currently living with the nightmare of head lice. She started a website called Lice to Kill, which tells her own story about head lice.

Newth has also written an eBook called “Lice-nse to Kill Naturally,” which teaches other parents the exact methods she used to eliminate lice safely and quickly. The eBook is available for sale through her website.

“You’ll be happy to know that all of the ingredients that you need for the Lice-nse To Kill Naturally treatment can be purchased at your local drug store or grocery store,” Newth wrote in an article on her website, adding that she explains the exact method, ingredients, technique and tips that she used to free her daughter from head lice in her eBook.

About Lice to Kill
Lice to Kill is a website that was started by Sheila Newth, a mom and business owner who truly knows the horror of lice. After trying and failing to kill her daughter’s lice, she finally found the best way to kill them. She wrote the step by step instructions in a guide called "Lice-nse To Kill Naturally" which shows other parents which cheap, easy to find grocery store items will kill the lice for good. For more information, please visit http://www.licetokill.com