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License to Do That: Hilarious & Provocative Novel Examines Canada's New 'Parent License Act'

Okay, it’s fictional – but author Jass Richards uses book three of her ‘Rev and Dylan’ series to fuse laugh-out-loud humour with a serious look at what might happen if would-be parents were required to be licensed. As with Rev and Dylan’s previous two literary forays, the narrative plays out amidst a backdrop of calamity, recreational drugs, and enough off-beat fun to keep readers on the edge of their seats.


Sundridge, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2014 -- A thought-provoking new comedic novel by Jass Richards depicts a future Canada where laws require people to apply for a ‘parenting license’ before becoming parents. It’s a narrative that, quite frankly, could only have come out of the mind of Richards.

License to Do That is the third volume of the ‘Rev and Dylan’ series, which sees two utter failures reconnect two-decades after their days in teacher’s college. The series’ two previous novels, The Road Trip Dialogues and The Blasphemy Tour, follow their exploits across the continent as they enlighten and offend just about everyone they come across. License to Do That is no different; melding comedic escapades and heaps of trouble with a serious message that will leave readers with plenty to think about.


Rev and Dylan (whom we meet in THE ROAD TRIP DIALOGUES) have returned from their BLASPHEMY TOUR to discover that Canada has adopted the Parent Licence Act: people who wish to become parents must apply for, and meet certain requirements before being granted, a licence. What if? After all, we require hairdressers and plumbers to be licensed. Dylan, freelance journalist, investigates, interviews, and observes; Rev, loose cannon, solves an 'illegal fertilization' mystery. They both occasionally get stoned and silly, and deal with a baby wolf who has adopted them.

“Through Rev and Dylan’s trademark exploits, I raise a very important issue within society,” says Richards, who has obtained numerous grants from the Ontario Arts Council to support her writing. “Parenting is too important to be considered unskilled labour, yet we seem to trust just about anyone and everyone (just take a look at the people around you) with the job of raising tomorrow’s future generations. I’m not sure I endorse licensure, but I am sure I don’t endorse the status quo.”

Continuing, “I consider my work ‘Philosophical Fiction’, even though it’s laden with comedy. Granted, this is an unusual mix, but it works. I mean, can’t people think and laugh at the same time? Some people?”

Richards’ previous releases have garnered critical acclaim. For example, with reference to The Road Trip Dialogues, M. Arend comments, “Watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail last weekend. Could only think of Jass Richards and The Road Trip Dialogues… ‘Here comes the cow!’ :P”

L.K. Killian was equally as impressed with The Blasphemy Tour, claiming , “If I were Siskel and Ebert, I would give this book Two Thumbs Way Up. Yes, it is blasphemy toward organized religion, but it gives you tons of Bible verses to back up its premises. And besides, it’s pure entertainment.”

License to Do That, published by Magenta, is available now: http://amzn.to/RrD6RT.

For more information, visit Richards’ official website: http://www.jassrichards.com.

About the Author: Jass Richards
Jass Richards has an M.A. in Philosophy and used to be a stand-up comic (now she’s more of a sprawled-out-on-the-couch comic).

Her worst-ever stand-up moment occurred in Atlanta (at a for-blacks-only club) (apparently). Her best-ever stand-up moment occurred in Toronto (when she made the black guy fall off his stool because he was laughing so hard at her Donovan Bailey joke).