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Licensed Nurse Releases a List of the Top 25 Nursing Blogs

The blogs found on the list provide information potential students need when determining if nursing is the career for them, reports LicensedNurse.netThe blogs found on the list provide information potential students need when determining if nursing is the career for them, reports


Davenport, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/10/2014 -- Licensed Nurses releases a list of the Top 25 Nursing Blogs available today to ensure individuals have the information needed to determine if a career is nursing meets their needs. The blogs listed cover a variety of topics and share what what nursing actually involves for those interested in this career. Although some blogs cover other occupations and topics, the information and insights found in these blogs allow individuals to get a sneak peek into the lives of nurses and those who work in hospitals.

"Internet users often wonder how sites develop lists of this type and what criteria are used for the ranking process. Any site owner can make a list, but only those making use of independent information should be trusted. Licensed Nurse uses domain and page authority information when ranking a site, along with Twitter activity and followers. In addition, recent blogging activity and popularity play a role in the ranking process. This ensures the sites found on the list are both trustworthy and dependable," Gunnar Bengtsson, Licensed Nurse spokesperson, explains.

When visiting the site to review the list of top 25 nursing blogs, individuals find they don't just receive a list with blog titles. Licensed Nurse provides the blog ranking, a blog image, the website for the blog, and more. Learn the authority ranking of the blog, how many followers each blog has, and read a description of the blog in the owner's own words.

"Many sites provide a list of blog titles and no other information. This fails to help those searching for more information about this occupation, simply because they could find the same information using search engines. It's the extra information about each blog that is provided on the Licensed Nurse website which makes it so valuable to individuals wishing to learn more," Bengtsson continues.

In addition to providing information about these blogs, site visitors find a wealth of additional information. Learn the difference between an LPN and an RN, how to pursue a career in either filed, and nursing compact states. The site breaks down requirements for each state, to make it easier for individuals who do decide a career in nursing is right for them to take the next step. Many sites fail to provide this information, leaving individuals to locate this information on their own. Licensed Nurse solves this problem.

Bengtsson recommends those thinking of a career in nursing stop by the site today. Individuals who do so find they have everything they need in one place to make a decision. Everyone deserves a career they love and, for many, nursing is this career.

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Licensed Nurse strives to provide potential students with the information needed to determine if a career in nursing is right for them. Rather than being a general information site, one providing career help, very limited information, and lots of hype, Licensed Nurse works to prove those interested in the latest and best information, that designed to allow them to make the right decision based on their individual skills and desires.