Licensed Psychologist Offers Therapy for Individuals, Couples, Children & More


San Dimas, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2013 -- Licensed psychologist Dr. Bob Connolly is offering specialized and personalized therapy and assessment for individuals, children, groups, and children who are dealing with different life issues and troubles. He is committed to creating a safe environment for his clients to be able to express themselves better, helping them regain hope in their life.

It is typical for individuals, couples, groups, and children to find themselves facing traumatic situations and life issues that may cause psychological troubles. When not addressed immediately, these may lead to the development of more destructive dilemmas in the future which may affect the overall state and quality of an individual’s life.

In times when one feels overwhelmed by life’s demands, it is common for them to seek help from those surrounding them. However, there may come moments when there are none, or help available is not enough. This is where professionals like Dr. Connolly come in.

Individuals who are currently dealing with challenging experiences in their life, grieving over significant loss, or struggling because of any difficult situation can find a way forward through Dr. Connolly and his practice. As the executive director of Connolly Counseling and Assessment, he can lead the way towards acceptance, coping, and recovery.

Dr. Connolly is known for his approach filled with the right mix of compassion, sincerity, and humor. He also exhibits a strong desire to provide clients with solutions and results that are highly likely to impact their lives positively. One of his many positive attributes is the way he enjoys what he does, thus, his passion affects the efficacy of the therapies, assessments, and services that he provides.

The licensed psychiatrist and certified therapist enjoys a collaborative approach wherein he is able to bring the most out of his clients, guiding them towards optimum treatment and recovery. Clients who decide to work with him are assured that they will not only talk to each other about their problems. Instead, they will work together to come up and find real, feasible, and effective solutions that even go beyond the therapist’s practice or office. Dr. Connolly always hopes that his clients leave his office with a more positive, renewed outlook in life, filled with hope and absolute understanding of their circumstances.

Individuals, groups, and couples are highly encouraged to visit Connolly Counseling and Assessment for them to receive professional guidance. Parents of troubled children can also find help through the practice.

To learn more about Dr. Connolly and his practice, visit here or set an appointment by calling 626-768-1083.

About Dr. Bob Connolly
Dr. Connolly is a licensed and certified psychologist who has over 20 years of experience in the industry, working in a variety of settings. He has worked for various nonprofit organizations, schools, and private homes, as well as medical and psychiatric hospitals. He is also the executive director of Connolly Counseling and Assessment, a trusted center that operates through a number of offices across California.

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