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Liever, Hyman & Potter, P.C. Handling Medical Malpractice Cases This Spring Season and Beyond


Reading, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/29/2018 -- As they have been doing since 1959, the attorneys at Liever, Hyman & Potter, P.C. are continuing to handle cases that involve medical malpractice. Victims of medical malpractice can seek representation from a top legal team of medical malpractice attorneys in Pennsylvania. When looking for an attorney in Reading, PA, that handles injury and death cases as the result of medical errors and medical negligence, Liever, Hyman & Potter, P.C. is available for immediate consultation.

When injured at the hands of medical professionals committing medical malpractice and/or medical negligence, the lawyers at Liever, Hyman & Potter, P.C. understand that the victims and their family members are put in very difficult positions. They know that patients entrust their health and lives with medical professionals and when the care provided is negligent and results in injury and death, it can be devastating.

The Reading, PA lawyers are immediately available to protect the case of a victim of medical malpractice and guide their clients through the entire process and will deal directly with doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies. Clients of the firm should know that no money is paid to the firm until money is recovered for the client, after which the contingent fee will be based on a percentage of the award or settlement that is clearly defined in the initial fee agreement of representation, which also provides that the client does not have to repay any of the expenses that may have been advanced on behalf of the client unless money is recovered for the client.

In addition to medical malpractice cases, Liever, Hyman & Potter, P.C. represents clients in need of legal counsel for a workers' compensation case as well as those who have been injured in automobile or motorcycle accidents. For more information regarding the representation the attorneys at Liever, Hyman & Potter, P.C. offer for medical malpractice victims and much more, please visit their website today.

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The attorneys at Liever, Hyman & Potter, P.C., have won thousands of awards and settlements involving personal injury cases, including many multi-million dollar ones, for their clients since the firm opened in 1959. Since its founding, the law firm of Liever, Hyman & Potter, P.C., has been a leader in wrongful death, workers' compensation, medical malpractice and personal injury claims. They handle only these types of cases and have a combined 115 years of practice fighting for the rights of clients and their families.

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