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Liever, Hyman & Potter, P.C. Now Offering Medical Malpractice Representation for Spring 2014


Reading, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2014 -- Liever, Hyman & Potter, P.C. is now offering medical malpractice representation for spring 2014. Medical Malpractice can include prescription errors, misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose, and doctor/hospital negligence. These types of mistakes can lead to further illness, injury, or even death. Such complications are almost always avoidable. Any patients who believe they are victims of medical malpractice are encouraged to contact Liever, Hyman & Potter, P.C. to find out what their rights are and to make sure that their case is protected.

Many problems can arise when patients are given the wrong medication. If doctors or pharmacists mix up prescriptions patients might be given a medication they are allergic to, a medication that is not appropriate for their condition, or simply the wrong medication. The results of such errors can be fatal or severely damaging. Medication errors are avoidable, yet they account for about 25% of medical malpractice lawsuits. Liever, Hyman & Potter, P.C. helps their clients understand the laws that are in place to protect victims of medical negligence.

Misdiagnosis is another medical malpractice problem that affects many hospital visitors each year. Conditions such as heart attack and stroke must be recognized and treated right away to avoid complications. Early detection is imperative for cancer patients. When doctors fail to properly diagnose these problems patients can develop further health problems or there can even be fatal consequences. When doctor or hospital negligence results in worsening medical conditions, Liever, Hyman & Potter, P.C., is available to protect the client’s case, guide the client through the entire process, and will deal directly with the doctors, hospital and insurance companies.

Consultations are free, and client’s pay no money to the firm — not a cent — until money is recovered for the client. Visit Liever, Hyman & Potter, P.C. online today or call 610-370-6682.

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