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Life After Death Evidence Revealed...A Real Life Tragedy and Triumph, a Love Story That Knows No Boundaries, Not Even Death

After the death of her cherished husband to-be, Darcy Bellows Mascorro became more than just a widow grieving for the loss of her beloved. In her own words, Bellows turned into “the reporter, the ghost buster, the psychic, the scientist and the researcher”, all in a desperate quest to find out what, if anything continues after death.


Carlsbad, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/13/2014 -- Finding Vern offers convincing evidence of life after death. Bellows’ begins her journey with tragic loss and leads to the amazing discovery that not only is her beloved still by her side even after death, but the foundations on which some of our beliefs are built actually limit our reality.

Finding Vern is many things – an epic love story, a philosophical and spiritual journey that invites the reader to begin their own sojourn, and a revelation that life after death truly does exist in a way that few can imagine. Part memoir, part romance, and part paranormal ghost story, at its heart, Finding Vern is a call to a new way of thinking, a new way of living.

Available as both a paperback and an ebook, Finding Vern has earned high praise from readers.

“I recommend this book to those who love, have loved, lost, and mourned their beloved partner and anyone looking for spiritual guidance toward the true beyond. Darcy shares her journey with love and passion and spiritual awareness that brings her tightly wound into cultures different from her own. Darcy lives and breaths life into everlasting happiness through her own experiences and brings light, warmth, and comfort to those reading Finding Vern. A true love story. 5 Stars, a must read,” wrote Katherine Begley.

Heather Rivera, PhD, called the book “heartfelt and enlightening” and wrote: “I finished reading "Finding Vern" this evening and was impressed by Darcy's persistence, healthy skepticism and inquisitiveness when looking for answers. The reader accompanies the author on her journey as she attempts to communicate with her beloved who passed. We grieve with her and find hope with her too. Her tale will stay with me for a long time and gave me much to contemplate.”

“This is an poignant love story, as much as it is a “How To” guide for others dealing with grief and seeking a way to connect to crossed loved ones. There are messages for us everywhere, but we will only find them with open hearts and open minds,” wrote Erin.

In the end, Finding Vern is more than a ghost story or a love story. It is more than the final, ultimate proof of an afterlife. It is a call to action to live a balanced life, in tune with what truly matters.

To learn more about Darcy or Finding Vern, visit http://www.FindingVern.com.

‘Finding Vern’, is available from Amazon: http://amzn.to/M62Ws7

About the Author: Darcy Bellows Mascorro
Darcy Bellows Mascorro is the mother of two beautiful daughters and a marketing creative professional who has been a leader for many corporate fortune 500 companies. Born and raised in Minnesota, Darcy currently resides in California and has traveled extensively in her quest for understanding and the truth.

Bellows is also a pioneer in the study of consciousness. She is the co-founder of the soon to be launched Lightworker’s Foundation that has a mission to provide resources for the study of consciousness, grief support and holistic healing. The foundation’s aim will be to help the grieving or those seeking to expand their experience beyond the impirical. We hope to create a space for people to help themselves and others on this sometimes arduous and sometimes joyous journey. A place for good people to share experience with other seekers. At our foundation there are no guru's everyone's a student and everyone is a teacher. To read more about the foundation see lightworkersfoundation,com