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Life After Heaven: Joyous New Book Unveils the 'Missing Gospel'

Breathtakingly written by Reverend Robert Murphy, this book brings a stirring message of hope, straight from the Scripture. Offering a roadmap to the ‘coming creation’, ‘Life After Heaven’ examines the portion of the gospel that Murphy believes the church has failed to teach.


Bishop, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/19/2014 -- For millions of Christians, the goal of life is to escape the bonds of Earth and spend a glorious eternity in Heaven.

For Reverend Robert Murphy, author of new book, ‘Life After Heaven’, this goal is sadly lacking and it is his belief that the Christian gospel has been reduced as a result. It is Rev. Murphy’s contention that Christians have ceased to care of their environment, and consequently, the future kingdom of God on Earth has been put into jeopardy.

In ‘Life After Heaven’, Rev. Murphy details the missing link in the story of the Scripture and paints an exquisite picture of Heaven, and its role in preparing human beings for their service in the coming ‘new creation’.

“It’s not a bleak book, by any means,” says the author. “In fact, I think Christians will find untold joys within its pages. Above all, it is an examination of the world’s glorious future and of the uniqueness of Jesus, what he has done for us, and what he will ultimately do for God. I think the discovery of this hope – and the discovery of how we will serve in the coming kingdom will serve as a warning to Christians that the gospels are not complete in today’s churches. They are not getting the education they deserve. Once they read this book, I think they will feel a renewed sense of faith and wonder in God.”


This book is about the missing gospel, that portion of the gospel the church has lost sight of; the biblical gospel currently not being taught or preached. It’s about hope found in Scripture but missing today. Heaven’s purpose, the joys we will know there, and the glorious future arriving soon. Salvation’s final chapter, written by God and disclosed in Scripture. It’s about the uniqueness of Jesus, what he’s done for us, and what he will ultimately do for God. The joy that was set before him that enabled him to endure the cross, and hell’s possibilities now that “the gates of hell cannot prevail against us.”

It’s about God’s purpose in making us “one with Jesus” and the power of prayer to make us “fellow heirs with him of all things.” It’s about life when “God’s will is done on earth as it is in heaven,” our service in the coming kingdom and those we will serve. Discovering this missing hope alerts us to the dangers in the counterfeit gospels popular today.

You will see that even if we were to gain the whole world, it would not compare to “life after heaven.”

As the author knows, the idea of Heaven has become distorted.

“Heaven’s role in preparing us for the new creation is simply not being taught,” says Rev. Murphy. “What we will do and who we will serve when the final chapter is written is revealed in Scripture but the majority of churches ignore it. The future transformation of creation itself is hidden behind the smoke generated by those preaching the world’s destruction. How tragic.”

Continuing: “Millions have experienced a loss of meaning and do not know the full gospel. Life does make sense – but only when the entire story is revealed.”

‘Life After Heaven’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1gyzIOm

About Rev. Murphy
Rev. Murphy received his Master of Divinity degree from the Candler School of Theology at Emory University and is an ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church. His forty-year career in the ministry includes serving both large and small churches and eleven years as executive director of a retreat/counseling center. He is a charter member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and currently executive director of Broken Vessels Renewal Ministries.