Life After Likes: Instagram Test Is No Longer A Test

What Influencers Need To know About The Importance Of Verified Comments.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/08/2019 -- TubeHomie is one of many websites that sells Social Media Services such as Likes and Followers But the Owner Kris Novak has an advantage over the rest of the competition... that is that her son Preston Hudman is a talented Influence marketer who prides himself on staying "ahead of the curve" and knowing all new developments involving the social media industry. Once TubeHomie Learned of this unfortunate upcoming change It began changing the primary focus from being on "fake" Likes and followers to being on real active user engagement (comments) that are coming from VERIFIED users (aka blue check comments)

For months now TubeHomie has pushed this new service ahead of all others and has convinced clients that spending money on over priced likes and then followers that seem to drop at random... is not a good investment where as buying verified user engagement works wonders for any account and the benefits feel endless.

A blue check comment as they call it, is worth about $5 and clients typically choose to put at least 1-4 of them on each post that they make. Once a person has invested into buying several of these comments they are able to return the favor to the verified user in excess meaning they can comment back on multiple posts and thus build a relationship with the verified user, that can mean more free comments from them in the future. The verified users working with TubeHomie on this obviously know that it's for a paying customer and so if they see that customer begin to engage heavily with their posts they will take notice and would probably respond well to the customer reaching out to them. So as you can see this is very beneficial to the customer who might find it difficult to befriend verified users otherwise. Buying this essentially means that your messages to these people doesn't get ignored.

So the benefits to having verified comments are almost too many to list. People who disliked your content before will suddenly compliment you. Other verified users will begin to like and comment just because they saw many other verified users doing it already. With the likes and views being hidden, comments will become the most important part of any social identity, proving who is real and who is fake, who is popular and who is not. Having blue check comments means that truly authentic users think its good and if they trust it why shouldnt you? it's like a stamp of approval that says "this account is real" and it will cause friends as well as competitors to become green with envy. It will cause you to withhold respect for other accounts that don't have them because having them truly puts yours ahead of those who don't have them.

About Verified User Engagement
Verified User Engagement can be purchased from both TubeHomie and/ or Peston Hudman and TubeHomie is a family owned and operated business since starting in Jan 2017. The best way to contact TubeHomie is through DM on Instagram @tubehomie or @prestonhudman and besides that using the contact page of their respective websites which are listed below.

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