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Life-Changing New Book by African American Clairvoyant Shares Powerful Path to Self-Discovery

Helping readers understand the terminology behind many of the different gifts that people are blessed with, along with an insight into what extra-sensory information to search for, Marcus Howell’s latest book is helping thousands of people discover their inner self.


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2013 -- As one of the few practicing African American clairvoyants, Marcus Howell has attracted much attention and acclaim. In his latest book, Howell shares some of his secrets with the world in the hope that potential clairvoyants can recognize their talents and bring them to fruition.

‘Clairvoyant: My Definition, My Story’ is thought-provoking, inviting, provocative and guaranteed to give a vital insight into a much-understood way of life.


Defined as “all seeing”, the gift of Clairvoyance is a gift from GOD. Marcus Howell drives the reader through a journey of self-discovery without preaching or judging. This book will explain a lot of the terminology behind the many different gifts that people in the world are blessed with, along with sharing his path of self-discovery.

The book also identifies for the reader the early signs to look for when growing up with possible gifts of the world we know as Clairvoyance.

As the author explains, his own life story is proof that the power of extra-sensory perception can exist in anyone.

“I have a history of experiences and pain that I draw from; things which have served as the impetus of my gift as a Clairvoyant. As a young African American male who experienced early symptoms of his gift, I shied away from embracing it, as I just didn’t know what to think of it—was I crazy?” asks Howell.

Continuing, “Today, as one of only a few African American male Clairvoyants, I am enjoying a burgeoning practice, where I tour, lecture and write about the experiences of my life, my lessons and yes, even my own fears.”

Since its release, the book has attracted a consistent string of reviews.

For example, one reader said, “The book evoked many emotions. It is a great read and indeed a page-turner from beginning to end. Get your snacks and a good light, because you're in for an emotional ride.”

Critics praise Howell for offering such an open insight into a way of life that many may be suppressing.

With the book’s popularity rising, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Clairvoyant: My Definition, My Story’, published by CreateSpace, is available now: http://amzn.to/YDNaEz

More information can be found on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/14qs9EB

About Marcus Howell
Born and raised in Detroit Michigan, Marcus Howell grew up experiencing many things beyond the normal. After years of ‘not knowing’ what it was he was experiencing, back in 2009 after being told by his Aunt that he was “CLAIRVOYANT”, Marcus knew that everything that he had experienced in his life to that point was for a purpose. However, still not knowing exactly what being ‘clairvoyant meant, he did some research, reading, and some soul searching to discover and develop his many gifts and is now writing about his experiences to share with the world.

Marcus now lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia. Marcus is an active Clairvoyant, utilizing his gifts to assist Prosecutors in criminal investigations and in lectures. Marcus also travels the Country to talk about the phenomenon of Clairvoyance, educating those who feel they have been blessed with the gift. As one of the only African American male Clairvoyants in the World, Marcus’ view is unique and diversified.