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Life-Changing New Book, Overlooking Happiness, Reveals How to End Psychological Suffering & Experience True Happiness Beyond Our Thoughts

Author & Spiritual Teacher, Joshua BenAvides, Urges Reader’s To Stop Postponing Happiness & Gives Away Book To Light The Way Jan. 1st-5th

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The Big Island, HI -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2014 -- While everyone desires happiness, most believe that it’s only attainable after a long journey of reinvention and healing. However, author Joshua BenAvides has some compelling news – authentic happiness is your already-present nature, it’s just being overlooked.

BenAvides’ new book, ‘Overlooking Happiness: A Guide To The Destination You Never Left’ leads us on a lively journey deeper and deeper into our true self, beyond our thoughts. It is a timeless handbook that exposes the false assumptions and unseen beliefs that prevent us from recognizing our true identity and dwelling in the joyful freedom of the present moment.

“We have been misled to believe that happiness can be derived from what we can do, have or become,” Joshua explains. “In other words, the collective belief is that happiness exists somewhere in an imaginary future, somewhere other than here and now. Because of this false assumption, we overlook our natural state of happiness and end up struggling to have, do or become what is already immediately available, here and now, as our present nature.”

With the debut of his new book - Overlooking Happiness - Benavides’ explores what he considers to be the four most important questions you can ask in a lifetime:

- What is happiness?
- Who am I?
- What is the world and my relation to it?
- What is the nature of suffering?

“No matter what you are going through, whether you are living in fear, anxiety, lack, depression, anger, or sadness, this book will guide you to experience your inherent freedom and see that all of our so-called “problems”, and the sense that there is something missing or wrong, exists because of one thing: we don’t know our true identity,” says BenAvides.

He adds, “By discovering who you really are, prior to thoughts, you pull the rug out from underneath psychological suffering and any sense that you are limited or lacking in any way. The on-going effort to achieve a better present moment drops and you can finally rest, here and now, as the ever-present peace that you are ”

Spiritual author’s such as Longevity Sage, Peter Ragnar, are raving about BenAvides’ new book. Ragnar says, "How strange to overlook the very thing we seek so much! Joshua points directly at the obvious and in doing so tickles our hearts! Excellent read!”

The book will be available for free download from January 1st-5th, 2014. at this link:


About Joshua BenAvides
From an early age, Joshua BenAvides was deeply interested in the nature of reality and truth. Then one day, while on a short vacation on the island of Maui, Joshua had a clear and direct realization of his true nature as boundless, changeless, ever-present awareness. He is the author of “The Sun Seeking Light: Ending The Search for Spiritual Enlightenment”. now lives on the "Big Island of Hawaii" with his wife and spends his days writing and helping people from around the world recognize their unlimited nature.

Author’s official website: http://www.joshuabenavides.com.