Life-Coaches Recognised as the New Way to Boost Staff Morale in Corporations

There’s No Easy Fix for Stress in the Workplace, but Life-Coaching Can Help Reduce Its Negative Effects.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/29/2013 -- Last August, the Huffington Post reported that almost a one-fourth of the British population felt stress on a daily basis. An additional 24 percent claimed to feel stress at least once every few days. Work was reportedly one of the most predominant causes of problem, and many companies have started to view stress management as an important part of corporate culture.

The economic results of stress in the workplace are very alarming, and billions of pounds are being spent to manage the effects of the problem. Employers can scarcely afford to overlook the way that mental health issues affect their employees, many of them have turned to life coaching as a way to help their staff manage negative situations. Life coaches help their clients gain the insight, focus and clarity to recognise the things in their lives that hold them back; stress is often one of those things.

As people refocus their energy on making positive changes and taking control of their destiny, the detrimental impact of stress becomes more manageable. Merle Wilson, a well-respected life coach, has helped many of her clients overcome and manage the negative feelings in their lives. She often says that stress is like a set of chains, and “we never even know we have the key.

“By learning tips and tricks in ways to better organise your life and work, you can dramatically reduce stress levels by 'feeling on top of things.' One of the main causes of stress in the workplace is the feeling of being disorganised, therefore working less effectively,” states Wilson.

In addition to creating initiatives and policies to help ease the impact of stress in the workplace, companies need to continue research into what causes it and how it can be avoided. As the labour force continues to work longer hours in an increasingly complex world, stress management will become more vital to a person’s well-being.

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