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Life Enthusiast Introduces New Sea Mineral Based Product Line

EssenceSea products include calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium supplements designed for better health and nutrition


Carson City, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2013 -- Life Enthusiast, an online provider of probiotics, vitamins and alternative health products, is introducing a brand new line of wellness supplements called EssenceSea. This product suite was developed based on sea minerals and nutrients, with the primary goal of helping people achieve better nutrition and health, for optimum longevity.

The EssenceSea line formula uses essential sea mineral and nutritional components designed to supply the human body with more than 80 trace minerals, Vitamin C and bicarbonates and most importantly, primary mineral ions. The line includes iodine supplements and various types of calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium supplement products.

“Our modern Western diet often lacks or has a wrong proportion of all these essential minerals. And EssenceSea products provide these minerals in correct ratios, which can significantly strengthen our diets’ nutritional value. This line of supplements and vitamins is an important addition to our product offer,” Life Enthusiast founder Martin Pytela explained.

By offering the perfect mix of essential minerals that are otherwise absent from usual diets, EssenceSea products are believed to support the immune system and help strengthen bones and improve the central nervous system over time. The sea mineral based product line can also reduce inflammation, joint and muscle pain, restore hormonal balance and thyroid function, and improve digestion and detoxification processes, giving an overall feeling of wellbeing and energy.

“EssenceSea is not just another line of sea minerals and algae supplements, as it uses a revolutionary processing technique, Volixer, to enhance its nutritional value,” the Life Enthusiast founder also said. The Volixer processing technology creates water clusters around various mineral components, thus increasing the bioavailability and effectiveness of nutritional elements.

About Life Enthusiast
Life Enthusiast was initially launched in 1989 by bioenergetics engineer Jevari Oberon, under the name Life Enthusiast Co-op. The declared goal of the company, as stated by Oberon, was to develop the most advanced life energy products possible.

The company ceased operations in 1994 and was re-launched in 2001 by Czech-born Martin Pytela. Since then, Life Enthusiast has been working incessantly to provide new services and products for people who are in need of natural remedies and solutions to their ailments and chronic health conditions. For more details about Life Enthusiast and the new sea mineral based product line, visit or call (866) 543 3388.