Life Enthusiast Announces Site Redesign


Carson City, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/12/2013 --, a popular retailer of a wide range of health products, has announced recent updates designed to make the site even easier to use. While the redesign includes many updates and tweaks, one of the most prominent changes is to the Library of Health, a vast information resource where customers turn for advice and product suggestions for their health concerns.

Since its launch, the site has committed itself to being a source of information and guidance for our customers, and the site redesign is in response to the ever-changing nature of health information, as well as customer feedback on how the site could serve them even better. With this rollout, the site will be able to serve customers even better with excellent products and valuable health information.

The site is popular with customers who are looking for natural health products, including natural foods, supplements, and home and body care. The site also offers a wide range of vibrational products that are designed to help bring balance and harmony between our bodies and the higher realm.

The Library of Health is an extensive resource that provides a wealth of information about health concerns such as weight loss and obesity, women’s health, chronic illnesses, environmental sensitivity and body and joint pain. Each section contains information about specific conditions, as well as a listing of related products. This structure makes it easier for customers to quickly and easily identify the products designed for their specific health concerns, but with a keen focus on promoting the customer’s health rather than increasing sales.

When it comes to health, information is vital, and the Library of Health, articles, and best sellers are all designed to empower customers to learn about their health concerns and make informed decisions about their own health care strategies.

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About the Life Enthusiast Co-op
In 1989, the Life Enthusiast Co-op was founded by Jevari Oberon as a way to share the superfood formulas he had developed. Through the years, the company continued to grow, even in the face of significant challenges, and in 2001 was relaunched with an incredible range of innovative products. The site continues to grow, thrive and evolve through a mission of helping customers to improve their health and well-being.