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Life Insurance 360 Expands Curated Pool of Top Underwriters

Users benefit from even greater selection of low premiums, rock-solid reliability


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/06/2014 -- Life Insurance 360 announced the expansion of its pool of qualified insurance underwriters. The company provides life insurance comparison tools for customers shopping for such policies and now lists quotes from more than 50 different companies where appropriate. Since rates for equivalent policies for both term and whole life insurance can vary by up to 40% between underwriters, Life Insurance 360's service often leads to greatly reduced premiums compared to other ways of shopping.

"With so many providers and options, getting life insurance can seem complicated," company representative Jacob Evans said, "but we can help simplify things. Our industry-leading quote comparison engine makes it easier than ever to be assured of getting the best possible deal on life insurance." Term life insurance, which expires at a predetermined time, is normally the least expensive sort available. Whole life insurance, on the other hand, will not lapse so long as premiums are paid, and payments contribute to equity which can be tapped even before the policy holder passes away. Life Insurance 360 helps visitors sort through offerings of both sorts from an array of the industry's leading, best-rated insurance companies and displays results in an easy-to-analyze format.

"Even smokers and older people can often secure surprisingly affordable life insurance policies," Evans continued, "and our comparison tool makes it as quick and easy as possible to uncover such opportunities." Reasons for taking out life insurance policies vary. At a minimum, they are sought as means to ensure that a holder's passing will not impose financial hardship on relatives owing to funeral and other final expenses. Many also seek to provide further financial security for their loved ones by taking out policies with larger amounts of coverage so as to make up for the loss of regular income upon a policy holder's death. Life Insurance 360, by showing results which include a wide variety of policy types and terms, can help insurance shoppers discover exactly which is most appropriate for their particular situations.

"Inexpensive, high-quality life insurance is a reality," Evans concluded, "and one that more people than ever can take advantage of thanks to our service." Since life insurance policies are only worthwhile if their underwriters are in a position to fulfill them, those shopping for such insurance should be sure to confine their searches to the most stable and financially healthy companies. Life Insurance 360's pool of qualified underwriters, despite producing the lowest premiums available, includes only top-rated companies, so its users can be sure that their policies will deliver if and when they are finally needed. Those interested in making use of the company's services, free of charge, can do so at

About Life Insurance 360
A top resource for those shopping for either term or whole life insurance, Life Insurance 360 combines quotes from over 50 of the industry's leading underwriters in an accessible format. Its services save its clients money and point out opportunities for better coverage that might otherwise have gone unnoticed.