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Life Insurance Quotes Website TopLifeInsuranceRates.net Is Launched by Hard-Working 18-Year-Old


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/15/2013 -- TopLifeInsuranceRates.net, a website that allows people to compare and contrast a variety of life insurance quotes, has just launched its user-friendly website. Rather than spend hours calling around to various companies to check rates—a process that is not only time-consuming but confusing—people can enter in their zip code to access a variety of quotes from companies in their area.

The story behind the new website is both interesting and inspirational—it was created and launched by a 18-year-old who learned about life insurance during an economics class in high school. After asking his parents how much they were paying for life insurance, the teenager was both surprised at how much it cost, as well as concerned at how little his parents seemed to know about what their policy truly covered. Determined to help his parents and others save money on their life insurance rates and become more educated about what the different types of policies mean, the teenager began reading everything he could about the subject.

“After talking with my parents and some of their close friends about life insurance, it seemed like it was something that everyone has, but no one really understands,” the founder of TopLifeInsuranceRates.net said.

“Most of the people I talked to told me how much they were paying, and it always seemed like a lot of money to me, but when I asked them if they could get their life insurance for less money, no one really seemed to know.”

After receiving his parents’ blessing, the 18-year-old founded TopLifeInsuranceRates.net. Although the site has been live for a very short time, it is already extremely popular with people from all over the country who want to stretch their hard-earned money as far as possible and learn more about life insurance.

“I know how busy my parents and their friends are, so I tried to make my website as easy to use as possible,” the teenager noted.

In addition to providing visitors with life insurance quotes, the entrepreneurial 18-year-old has added a variety of in-depth and educational articles about life insurance that explain things like what term and whole life insurance are, tips on getting the lowest rates possible, and advice on how to pick the best life insurance policy.

The best part of owning his own website, the 18-year-old founder of TopLifeInsuranceRates.net said, is the positive feedback that he is getting from people who try out the site.

“I’ve had friends of my folks call me and thank me for helping them save money. I even got an email from a lady across the country who said my site allowed her to buy plane tickets to visit her daughter, because she now pays so much less for her life insurance. That made me feel pretty good.”

About TopLifeInsuranceRates.net
TopLifeInsuranceRates.net is a new website that helps people save money on their life insurance by allowing them to compare available rates. The site is extremely user-friendly and also features educational articles about the different types of life insurance policies. For more information, please visit http://toplifeinsurancerates.net