GoogleNewsSubmit Launches "Life Prep 101" - A Dual-Purpose Book

Prepares High School & College Seniors For Adult Life & Adult Interactions And Creates Philanthropic Tax Breaks For Average Americans


Potomac, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2013 -- The American Millionaire Club (AMC) scheduled July 4th for to launch its book, “Life Prep 101.” Designed to prepare high school and college seniors for adult responsibility and promote literacy, the book offers commonsense life lessons in personal economics & finance, personal interactions faced by adults and local to national politics. Covering politics, Life Prep 101 highlights the importance of citizen involvement and support for two lobby efforts to pass major legislation:

The Martin L. King Reinvestment & Reparations Act

- 12 Million Americans Receive A $25,000 New Business Enterprise Grant - Awards to entrepreneurs applying in the name & honor of America’s legends; family ancestry or community heroes from slaves to soldiers, from the poor to the rich

The U.S. Citizens’ Economic Revitalizations Act

- Cut Federal Income Tax Rates To 12% For Workers In Education, Fire, Medicine & Police
- Cut Federal Income Tax Rates To 24% For Everyone Else – Individuals and Private Sector Corporations
- Cut The Obama Phones Federal Budget By 100%;
- Cut The Federal Welfare Budget By 50%
- Cut The Affordable Care Act Budget & Federal Spending By 100%; Replace ObamaCare With Reaganomics

In addition to the personal gratification of gift giving and summer reading, the book may also serve as an income tax deduction if donated to specific high school and college libraries as gifts for graduating senior classes. Charities that promote literacy also accept Life Prep 101 donations and in many cases, provide donation drop-off sites for new books or used books in good condition.

The “Amazon Tax Deductions” are precise, on-line documentation for filing personal or corporate income tax returns. AMC founder Carmen Lovelace outlines the strategy, “The average American finally has a level playing field with significant deductions to reduce their annual income tax bills.

With Amazon Tax Deductions, homeowners and large businesses are not the only Americans who qualify for significant annual tax deductions for philanthropy. Generally, tax returns may deduct up to 30% of their adjusted gross income for Amazon Tax Donations.”

The tax return documentation requires logging in to and ordering Life Prep 101 books or using “copy & paste” technology to place the book’s URL below in an Internet browser:

The recipient high school/college library address or the tax filer’s address with the address line containing “On Behalf Of the recipient library or charity” must appear in the delivery address.

For example, a donation of one hundred Life Prep books annually to a high school senior class is equivalent to adding one dependent child deduction for tax purposes. Average Individuals and companies may now earn significant philanthropic tax deductions typically used by large corporations and wealthy individuals. Not allowed for personal gifts, Amazon Tax Deductions are designed for promoting literacy.

AMC’s goal creates nearly $400 million in annual Amazon Tax Deductions for taxpayers through Life Prep book donations to eight million high school seniors and two million college seniors.

If you’d like more information about the Life Prep 101 book or to schedule an interview with the publishers, call Buck Lovelace: Toll Free Dial 1 888 446-6199 or email Buck at