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Natalie Forest, Phd to Premiere 'Dextoxing Your Mind' at Pink Event This Sunday


Baltimore, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2014 -- Natalie Forest, Phd will be premiering her "Detox The Mind" presentation at The Pink Event this Sunday, March 9th 2014. "Detox The Mind" will be presented at 4pm following by a book signing. "Detox The Mind" has been developed by Natalie Forest as a process to purge the mind of toxic thoughts, similar in concept to detoxing the body of poisons and toxins. The presentation will introduce a set of techniques she has developed at her company, Life Transforming Coaching. These techniques are said to perform a mind detox where 'poisonous' thoughts are purged and the individual ends up confident and focused on a path toward his or her own success.

According to Natalie, "fear of the possible" holds back many individuals. When confronted with the potential and possibilities people have in their lives, they will often back down because of self-imposed limitations, rather than forthrightly pursue their own dreams.

Her motivation to develop "Detox The Mind" came from her experience as a trainer, "I work with women entrepreneurs and business leaders, especially high performance teams, to help eliminate everything that prevents high level success in all areas of life and business. I help individuals and teams 'take out the trash', remember their goals, realign with them and move towards them with Super Focus."

In describing "Detox The Mind" Natalie says, "It's like we're holding on with all our might to the past, to what-has-been. With that we're holding on to a certain mindset, a certain set of values, a certain set of rules. This is what has been guiding us. Sometimes these mindsets keep us from achieving our goals. If a person is being held back in pursuit of his or her goals, then the mindset is the problem. Just like the body can benefit a purge of its toxins, so can the mind."

She advocates that people who want to achieve embrace the fear and discomforts that challenge them along the way. These are actually the symptoms of growth, evolution and a move forward in the individual's life. "When we are comfortable, we aren't learning much," says Natalie.

At this Sunday's Pink Event, Natalie will introduce to the concepts and techniques of "Detox The Mind".

The Pink Event is a women based shopping and empowerment expo in Columbia, MD. This is The Pink Event's fourth year and the event will feature 51 unique exhibitors and well as many speakers and authors.

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About Natalie Forest
Natalie Forest, Phd is an author speaker, coach, TV and radio host, and the CEO of Life Transforming Coaching . She currently appears on eTV. She is the founder and CEO of Life Transforming Coaching.

Natalie Forest
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