Lifecell Reviews - New Study Shows That 95% of Wrinkle Cream Reviews Are Bogus


Reedsville, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2012 -- WrinkleCreamsReviews.com is announcing publicly today the existence of its mega-resource website that offers unbiased wrinkle cream and anti-aging product reviews to help consumers find products that work and those that do not live up to the claims they make.

Jane Harper, media contact, when asked recently why the website was created said, "To be quite honest, I'm like any other woman, I began seeing little lines and headed to the Internet to find the Best Wrinkle Creams Reviews. Unfortunately what I found was hype and bogus reviews. I was simply unable to find unbiased reviews of creams that actually did what they said they would".

"I was very frustrated and decided to begin my own research on numerous products and found that many of these had ingredients in them that actually could harm the skin, such as causing irritation, itching, and brown spots. This was just unacceptable to me! We have spent countless hours and months compiling the website to offer resources and unbiased reviews to help others avoid spending money on products that simply do not help with lines", said Ms. Harper.

Asked what types of reviews the website offers, Ms. Harper said, "The website offers several highly recommended brands such as Dermagist Reviews and Lifecell Reviews. These reviews are packed full of information such as how long it takes to see results, how often the cream should be used, types of skin the cream is for, active ingredients, and many other areas are covered".

When asked if the website also ranked the creams based on reviews. Ms. Harper replied, "Yes, but allow me to explain, what we do is use the best reviews to show visitors which cream has the highest ranking for the current month, which is seen as soon as the visitor lands on the site. We show the top three rated products. There is also a section for many other product reviews based from high to low ratings using the common star system to make it easier to understand".

Ms. Harper wrapped with, "Clearly this is something I am very passionate about so visitors to the site will see both positive reviews of products and the worst product reviews. Manufacturers that make erroneous claims that the cream can make you look 10 years younger by next week is definitely going to be a scam. Mother was right, 'If it sounds to good to be true....'. Our goal is to just present the facts so that visitors can decide what is right for their individual needs. We plan to continue to review new products that come out and expand the website so that we are the 'go-to' resource site for everything dealing with anti-aging creams".

About WrinkleCreamsReviews
WrinkleCreamsReviews.com began out of frustration for anti-aging creams offering bogus reviews and making false promises. The website owner set out to create a site that offered unbiased reviews of real products and cover many facets of the ingredients used and how the product performs overall. It is one of the largest resource websites designed to give the consumer valid information on various brands of wrinkle creams in an easy-to-read format.