LifeDisc Crowdfunding Project Launched on Indiegogo

Smart Crowdfunding is slated to carry out strategic marketing initiatives for LifeDisc, an all-around survival tool that is also a well-developed compact fishing kit.


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2013 -- With a goal of $114,500 the creator of the LifeDisc, a personal survival tool that additionally serves as a fishing kit, has launched a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo. Originally intended to only be a convenient compact fishing kit, the product quickly evolved into more, thereby birthing the campaign that will help roll it out to an awaiting marketplace. So said Darren Stanton, the creator of the LifeDisc. Stanton goes on to describe, “We now have a personal life-sustaining toolkit that can be neatly stowed in the consumer’s backpack, glove box or bug-out bag. Our goal is for our customers to always have it within reach.” The creator of the handy product hopes to deliver it to crowdfunding supporters in March of 2014.

Measuring just 37 mm in height by 200 mm in diameter the LifeDisc features a tough signaling mirror that's built to withstand the outdoors. Though fully detachable, the mirror is also usable without needing to open the disk. This feature allows those in need of rescue to draw the attention of rescuers quickly as speed is key to survival. With a simple twist of the LifeDisc, a watertight storage space with a 240 cubic centimeter capacity is available. Due to the fact that survival items are a personal choice Stanton has left the storage unit free to be filled at the consumer’s discretion. “Some customers will want to put a GPS in the storage unit while others will put needful medical items such as insulin. Simply put, we thought it our best tact to offer freedom of choice with the LifeDisc.” added Stanton.

Considering all concerns Stanton will offer, as an added optional purchase, a ready-made kit of basics. Included in the options are and Aquamira Frontier emergency water filter system, a Virogard personal protective mask, an SOL fire light with tinder quick, a multi-tool complete with can opener, a Fox 40 micro safety whistle, a CRKT RSK Mk5 knife and a 20 mm AA grade compass. The kit options will also include a handy needle and thread, alcohol swabs, a survival snare and a wire saw. The product will have a retail value of $37.

Quite ingeniously, the LifeDisc’s signaling mirror detaches to allow the outer covers of the unit to be removed. Inside consumers will find a rope spool wound with 12 meters of 550 Paracord which can also be removed and used separately. The central reel, wound with 100 meters of Platypus 30lb fishing line, is enclosed behind the rope spool ensuring that it remains tangle free and ready for use. The two outer covers turn over and bayonet back onto the central reel forming a full-size hand reel ready to catch the LifeDisc user’s next meal.

Manufactured in Australia, the survival tool product is made from an ultra-tough plastic alloy that is chemical and UV resistant. These materials make it virtually indestructible. LifeDisc also includes a drawstring net carry bag which doubles as a holding net for the user’s catch of the day. While a color deemed, “Safety Orange" by the product’s maker is the default LifeDisc color, consumers will also have the option of white, black or military green. Crowdfunding support will cover injection mould tooling and production.

LifeDisc is a small start-up company based in Adelaide, Australia. The company’s flagship product is the self-same titled LifeDisc item which has an appeal to outdoor enthusiasts. The company was founded and is owned and operated by Darren Stanton.

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