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LifeFoods.co.nz Makes It Easy for New Zealanders to Improve Their Health by Eating Better


Canterbury, New Zealand -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/09/2012 -- The phrase “you are what you eat,” is more than just a cliché. As most physicians and nutritionists agree, it is also the truth.

One of the best ways to improve overall health and well-being is by eating a wide variety of high-quality foods that are rich in nutrients and have been minimally processed. For example, in the past few years, the concept of “superfoods” has gained in popularity; basically, these are foods that tend to be low in calories and extremely rich in nutrition.

Although many people would like to eat and feel better, one thing that has traditionally stood in the way is the ability to find and purchase healthy food. Many supermarkets have a very small section of raw and super foods, and getting to a specialty food shop can be inconvenient and time-consuming.

A new online retailer is already getting a lot of attention for its wide selection of delicious and nutritious superfoods, healthy raw food, snacks and chocolate.

LifeFoods.co.nz, which is based in New Zealand, makes shopping for nutritious and health-improving foods easy and fun. The site also includes detailed information about each of the products it sells, as well as a recipe book that can be downloaded for free.

One of the company’s most popular sellers is Goji berries, a delicious fruit that is also the world’s richest source of antioxidant called cartonoids. They also contain a whopping 500 times more vitamin C than oranges.

As for how to use Goji berries in cooking, an article on the website offers these tips:

“As already mentioned they are a great snack food, but we also recommend adding them to smoothies, muesli, soaking them overnight with oats (this adds a subtle sweetness to your morning porridge), putting them in desserts and they can also be left to soak in water and then drank or made into anti-oxidant rich tea,” the article noted.

Using the website is easy; the only hard part might be deciding which superfoods and other items to order first! Helpful category tabs located at the top of the home page will take customers to the specific type of healthy foods they are looking for.

For example, customers who are looking for Chia seeds may select the “Nuts, Seeds & Oils” choice. A pulldown menu will appear; selecting “Chia seeds” will bring them to a page devoted to this incredibly healthy and nutritious food.

About LifeFoods.co.nz
LifeFoods.co.nz is a New Zealand-based health food ecommerce store. The company is owned by I Marketing Ltd., an online media company. LifeFoods has a wide range of superfoods, raw foods and a great free recipe book for all of its customers. For more information, please visit http://www.lifefoods.co.nz