Life insurance Rates Inc Now Offers Free Personalized Life Insurance Quotes


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2012 -- In an effort to help life insurance prospects make an informed decision, is now offering life insurance quotes for free. These quotes are based on the insurance type and personal information of the customers. The company also provides information, news, tips and articles on life insurance.

The company’s media spokesperson, William Harrington quoted “The mission of our company is to help people make a sound decision when choosing a life insurance policy. Customers are usually confused on which type of life insurance to choose and where the best rates are available. Our website will eliminate any confusion and will also give the best possible rates. We also have a dedicated phone line for helping customers answer any questions they have.”

The website has a quick 2 step process to get insurance quotes for a specific budget - first personal information is entered and second the type of life insurance required is selected. Following these 2 steps registered users are offered free quotes and choice on policies which fit their budget. In case the customers are unsure of the type of insurance they want, information and comparison of different types of insurance is available on the website. The company gives the rates and quotes made available by various life insurance companies, including reputable organizations such as Gerber Life Insurance, MetLife, AIG Insurance and Prudential.

Mr. Harrington was further asked on the company’s future plans and he said, “Currently we want to reach out to more people and offer our assistance. Since all of our information is completely free and resourceful we are sure in the near future we will become an essential stop for all life insurance prospects. Our aim will always be to provide satisfaction to customers and find lowest possible life insurance rates.”

About Life insurance Rates Inc
Life insurance Rates Inc, based out of Atlanta, GA is one of the leading companies in providing information regarding life insurance. Through their online platform,, the company compares various types of life insurance and their current rates. The company is known for providing free personalized quotes.

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