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Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2014 -- With the increasing demand of family and universal life insurance, has updated their popular online application adding more companies offering these policies at highly competitive price. has become one of the leading insurance rates provider in the country due to its instant quotes provision and straight forward advice to ease the decision making process.

It is the flexibility in universal life insurance and the comprehensive coverage in family life insurance that has led to the surge in their demand. One of the articles on the website titled ‘Life Insurance for Families’ discussing the keys to the family life insurance informs, “Family life insurance allows the policyholder to cover his or her entire family with a single policy. This makes it easy to take care of everyone's life insurance needs without multiple plans or bills. Usually, a family plan will be more affordable as well.”

This affordability is another major reason for the family life insurance’s recent high demand. Relatively cheaper price and comprehensive coverage has made the insurance type ideal for families to ensure financial security in the future.

Another similar article elaborating on universal life insurance informs, “A form of permanent life insurance coverage, universal life insurance has many similarities to whole life insurance but affords a greater degree of flexibility. With universal life insurance coverage, the policyholder can change, to an extent, the death benefit and the size and timing of the policy's premium”.

This flexibility option is often demanded by individuals who feel bounded by other life insurance types due to fixed payments. Guaranteed interest rates and tax benefits are other advantages of universal life insurance which makes it more appealing to many people.

Such articles have now become an integral part of the service offered by, which since its establishment has successfully explained the life insurance types and policies to many people. Its easy-to-use online web application has now become one of the most preferred medium to locate affordable life insurance rates such as the universal life insurance rates. The application not only instantly provides numerous rates available but also shares the most affordable rates currently available in the country.

Initially started out as a useful resource to help the general public distinguish between the various life insurance policies, has now become one of the leading life insurance rates provider in the country. Offering quotes within minutes the website,, has an interactive online application enabling individuals to find affordable life insurance instantly. The website has also added more interesting articles which are highly suggested for individuals seeking life insurance for the first time.

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