Offers Interactive Tool That Guides in Selecting a Suitable Insurance Type


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2014 --, one of the leading websites that instantly provides life insurance rates of reputed insurance companies, is providing an innovative tool that will help individuals decide which type of life insurance is most suitable for them.

The suitable insurance type is a common confusion for life insurance seekers and the over usage of financial terminology presented by the insurance companies under their policies further complicates the selection procedure for the common person., apart from offering instant life insurance rates, since its establishment has also been a key resource in providing comprehensive information regarding insurance, its types, coverage, and policies. Understanding that selecting a life insurance is a complex procedure for many, the website has published numerous articles which clearly explain the various insurance types and tools like the interactive insurance type tool even help a person select the most suitable type of insurance after giving simple answers.

The website also provides tips on how to select the most suitable life insurance for specific age groups. For example one of their advices for seniors is to select ‘term life insurance’. According to their publication ‘Senior Life Insurance’ term life insurance for seniors is considered the most beneficial by financial experts because other forms of insurances are investment products and build value over time hence being suitable for younger age groups.

The publication further informs that even though life insurance for seniors is relatively more than for younger aged individuals, affordable insurance with wide coverage can still be availed by the seniors via certain insurance companies which can be viewed directly from the website.

One of the key traits of is that it is very clear and straightforward when providing information regarding insurance and insurance types. Their ‘Getting a Whole Life Policy without a Medical Exam’ publication clearly outlines the pros and cons of opting for a whole life insurance no medical exam. The article elaborates such type of insurance is ideal for individuals who have a medical condition and can’t get other common forms of life insurance. The article further adds that the downside is that rate of ‘no medical exam insurance’ is usually higher, and there are certain limitations and exceptions to coverage which applicants should be wary about.

About is one of the leading websites that provides instant life insurance rates from leading insurance companies and comprehensive information regarding life insurance & its types. The website,, has an interactive web tool which recommends the type of insurance an individual should get based on few simple personal questions and then directly displays life insurance rates that are affordable and reputed upon filing of personal details.

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