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LifeInsuranceRatesHQ.com Reaches Milestone of Helping 20,000 Americans Obtain Life Insurance


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2013 -- The life insurance quotes website Life Insurance Rates HQ is proud to announce that they have reached the milestone of helping 20,000 individuals obtain life insurance. LifeInsuranceRatesHQ.com provides life insurance information and a simple process for obtaining life insurance quotes from major providers that allows the user to compare and choose the right coverage at the cheapest price.

Today’s economic uncertainty makes it even more essential that families have the right life insurance to guard against potential future events. Unfortunately, the numerous providers and coverage types as well as the rising cost of products and services can make finding the right policy nearly impossible with conventional searches. The good news is that more than 20,000 people have found the answers and the best quotes to choose from with help from LifeInsuranceRatesHQ.com.

“Reaching the milestone of helping more than 20,000 people find the right life insurance to fit their needs and budgets is overwhelming evidence that our simple quote selection process is working for all types of Americans in all types of circumstances,” said a Life Insurance Rates HQ specialist. “We know that this is only the beginning of the many thousands that we can help with finding the right coverage at the best price to handle their needs.”

From Whole Life Insurance quotes to Term Life and beyond, the website helps families and individuals find the right life insurance with low premiums without sacrificing coverage. By simply inputting their zip code in the search box, users are presented with detailed information from pre-qualified providers in their area. The user can then obtain free quotes from these providers by inputting some basic information. They can then compare the quotes to find the right coverage with the lowest premium cost to fit their needs.

In addition to their fast and simple quote comparison tool, the website also provides a number of articles to help familiarize consumers with the differing types of life insurance products available. Readers can learn about the four types of life insurance including Term Life, Whole Life, Universal Life and Variable Life Insurance policies. Even no exam life insurance policies are covered and explained in-depth.

“We try to impress upon people that they must always keep the purpose of their life insurance policy in mind when comparing products and companies,” said the website’s insurance specialist. “Our goal is to help people understand that while there are no generic life insurance policies, we can help them understand the different types of life insurance available and then provide a quick and simple process that allows them to make the right decision for their families and their futures.” For more information, please visit http://lifeinsurancerateshq.com/

About LifeInsuranceRatesHQ.com
LifeInsuranceRatesHQ.com provides a simple process for obtaining life insurance quotes from major providers that allows the user to compare and choose the right coverage at the cheapest price. The website also provides detailed articles on the differing types of life insurance and the general profile of the consumers that choose them. Website visitors can utilize the information to help in their decision process among the provided quotes.