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Lifelong Love: Compelling Romance Suspense Novel Depicts Young Black Woman's Powerful Coming-of-Age

Proving that life’s journey can cross paths with the most unexpected of people, Taz Will’s latest novel tells the powerful story of one young black woman as she overcomes hostility, adversity and the stereotypes of her upbringing.


St. Louis, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2013 -- While life’s journey is uncertain, millions of people prove their compelling strength. In the latest novel by Taz Will, readers are taken deep into the ghetto and into a love story that rivals those of globally-renowned authors.

‘Lifelong Love: When You Know Better, You do better’ is proof that one’s start in life bears no indication of who they can eventually become.


While living in the Cochran Housing Projects in St. Louis, MO Treasure finds herself infatuated with the neighborhood and the cities drug dealer Pandillero. Living in the hood is one thing, having a crush on a man that runs the streets all over the city is another that young Treasure will learn the hard way. A friendship is all that Pandillero is willing to offer the young beauty, knowing he’d rather keep her out of the line of fire than throwing her into it. At times he’s able to separate the two and at others fate steps in and shows the two that anything can happen.

Over the years Treasure is faced with Pandillero’s various women, violence and more than enough chaos. They say, “there’s more than one side to a story”; with this being based off of some true life events find out just how much Treasure exposes. You won’t be left in the cold, all parties involved will give their run down on just how Treasure’s life was effected by them.

As the author explains, her book will resonate with thousands of young women who feel they are defined by the ghetto they grew up in.

“Many young women growing up in the ghetto feel as though they have to be a product of their environment when they don't. Many tend to blame others for the actions they take when they should only blame themselves. This story points out the decisions one makes changes the outcome of their lives no matter if it's good or bad,” says Will.

Continuing, this story also points out,” the always hiring means of employment in ghettos everywhere”. The mind of a drug dealer is often portrayed as being unintelligent when in reality it's the opposite.

It highlights those who participate because of availability and opportunity not from lack of education. It shows that just because one starts out in the game they don't have to live their life in it.”

Critics praise Will for the diligent efforts she has taken to fuse fact and fiction into a compelling book with strong real-world relevance.

Due to the book’s increasing demand, interested readers are urged to purchase their copy as soon as possible.

‘Lifelong Love: When You Know Better, You do better’, published by Keep It Funky Publishing LLC, is available now: https://www.createspace.com/4191123

It will also be available from Amazon in the near future.

About the Author: Taz Will
Taz Will born and raised in St. Louis, MO. She spent her younger years living in the infamous Cochran Garden Housing Projects. She decided to put her story on paper after many years of thinking about just how much her life has changed since those exciting days in the Cochran. She finally found the courage to put it in writing and surprised many with just how detailed, intimate, and devastating her journey has been. She wrote her first novel, Lifelong Love: When you know better, you do better., and took a long memorable stroll down memory lane. She’s currently working on a series, be on the lookout for Just Another Day: Cochran Affair.