Joe Bragg Launches to Showcase the Most Inspiring Life Quotes


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/27/2012 -- A snappy, well written quote can convey a powerful message. A few words can sometimes encapsulate something vital to the human spirit and express an idea that rings true for all of us. Many of the world’s most influential thinkers have said beautiful things that continue to be repeated today.

One quotes related website that is gaining a lot of attention is, an online repository for quotes about the human condition, and what it is to be alive. They have built a reputation for being the best life quotes website on the internet, with a whole host of insightful, funny and interesting quotes from a variety of different famous writers and thinkers from history through to the present day.

There are quotes from an extremely diverse range of thinkers. These include famous artists from the past like Pablo Picasso, famous writers from the present like JK Rowling, and many other wordsmiths from a variety of different disciplines.

The quotes about life vary dramatically in tone, but they all deal with fundamental facts about human nature. Each of them contains a universal human truth, something that anyone can recognize either in themselves or the world around them. This is a collection of quotes with a widespread appeal for anyone.

The quotes are presented in a clean and simple design that doesn’t distract from their content, and they are searchable by author in the side bar.

A spokesperson for the site said: “There’s something magical about a particularly prescient quote, especially when it refers to life in general. The best quotes have a universal appeal. They have something that we can all recognize and learn from. We’ve got a vast amount of different quotes on our site, from all kinds of different people. The authors of some of our quotes died thousands of years ago, and some of them are still alive today. They all have something very important to say about life. If you’re having a hard day, or having troubles understanding life, our quotes will show you the way. A great quote can be something special, and we hope our site will show quotes that readers will know and love, as well as some new ones that they will love discovering.”

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