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Lifetyme Exteriors Announces Seasonal Savings


Watertown, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/05/2013 -- During the course of a year the paint on the exterior of the home begins to crack and fade, and these issues only get worse as time goes on. Homeowners are forced to apply a new coat of paint every year, or every other year, just to keep the home from looking run down or dilapidated. Over time these costs add up, and it becomes better for the homeowner to find a more permanent solution. Lifetymene is the leader in ceramic paint solutions, a system that will give homeowners the permanent paint they are looking for.

The system at Lifetymene is known as SmartColor, a type of ceramic paint system that wraps the home in a permanent protective sealant, which provides a number of benefits to the home. First, the paint is exceptionally durable. It will not fade and it is resistant to cracking, so homeowners will not have to touchup the paint. It is flexible, meaning that as the home expands and contracts in the summer and winter, the paint will move with the exterior walls. This prevents cracking that is caused by inflexible paint being forced to move. Finally, the paint is breathable, keeping the elements away from the exterior walls, and allowing water vapors to escape the area between the sealant and the wall.

With their seasonal savings, Lifetymene is making SmartColor even more affordable. A homeowner who is interested in SmartColor can visit and see what savings are available for their home. If there is exterior work to be done on the home, summer is the best time to do it because the weather is hot and dry, and the daylight hours are long.

Lifetymene is the leading company for ceramic paint and SmartColor solutions in the United States and their seasonal savings make their products more affordable than ever. Homeowners need to visit to find out how a SmartColor installation will save them money in the long run.

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