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Lifetyme Exteriors Offering Free Estimates on SmartColor


Watertown, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2013 -- Painting the exterior of the home gets more and more expensive as the years pass. What may have taken only a small touchup coat last year may require a full repaint this year. Over time, the costs add up and keeping the exterior of the home looking good becomes a serious financial burden to the homeowner. At Lifetymene paint is their specialty, and their SmartColor technology provides homeowners with a permanent color solution.

Ceramic paint, such as SmartColor, is not the same as traditional paint. Where traditional paint simply covers the exterior of the home, ceramic paint creates a whole home sealant, protecting the home from moisture and keeping the home looking good. Ceramic paint only has to be applied one time, and the technology prevents fading or cracking, so the paint will look good even years after the Lifetymene paint crew applies the coat. A ceramic paint also goes on much thicker than traditional paint, giving it extra strength against the elements.

Getting a home covered with SmartColor is a labor intensive process, and the initial cost will be much higher than what homeowners usually spend on their annual retouching. The difference is that once the ceramic paint has been applied, the homeowner does not have to pay for another visit ever again, meaning that homeowners will be able to start seeing the savings after a couple of years. To find out just how much a SmartColor treatment will cost, homeowners can visit to set up a free estimate, and get a better idea of what SmartColor can do for the home.

Homes that are protected with ceramic paint, like SmartColor, better protect the exterior of the home than other solutions. With their commitment to quality and their affordable prices, Lifetymene paint installers are the leaders in permanent paint solutions in New England.

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