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Lifetyme Now Offering Free Estimates on Painting Estimates


Watertown, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2013 -- Every homeowner wants their home to look good on the outside, but this can be complicated by faded or peeling paint. Touch ups might work for a while, but over time, the cost of repainting the home piecemeal becomes more expensive than a whole house repainting would have been to start with. Lifetymene is a home painting company specializing in permanent paint, that eliminates the need for constant retouches.

For nearly a decade, Lifetymene has been striving to give Boston area homeowners the best paint available, at affordable prices. Lifetymene began as a small home painting firm, but the company quickly realized that there were better solutions to the routine of painting and repainting. By utilizing the processes of the coating industry, Lifetymene was able to develop residential uses to create the Smart Permanent Coating System. This coating system was engineered by aerospace professionals, coating experts and chemists to give homeowners a paint job that will never crack and will never fade. The coating done by Lifetymene is meant to last a lifetime.

To schedule a free estimate, homeowners should visit There interested homeowners can fill out a simple online form, and the representatives of Lifetymene will schedule a time to discuss what the Smart Permanent Coating System can do for the home. The coating system is environmentally safe, and has been approved by several historical societies for use on some of the oldest homes in the Boston area. At homeowners can see a portfolio of jobs completed by Lifetymene and get a sense of what the finished project might look like.

Using a coating system, rather than a traditional coat of paint, can help homeowners maintain a good looking exterior without the hassles of repainting. Lifetymene is a forward thinking company that guarantees their products and now offers free estimates to help homeowners get the exterior of their dreams.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit or call (866) 659-6099.