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LifeWave Releases Major Health/Anti-Aging Breakthrough: Theta One

LifeWave, a 10 year old international health technology company, has unveiled a new health/energy/anti-aging drink called Theta One. Theta One is quickly transforming the lives of many who are looking for a way to improve a chronic health condition and/or significantly increase vitality.


Beaverton, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/11/2014 -- LifeWave’s Theta One can do things for the human body (and brain) that no other health product can. People are getting amazing improvements in their health after taking Theta One for only a short period of time.

“Using Theta One is going to transform your health in a way that nothing else out there is going to do. I’ve had more changes with Theta One than any other product in years. I’m so excited about this. Plus, if you’re exercising at all, Theta One is going to take you to the next level.”
—Doctor Nicholas Tivoli, Arizona

Theta One is Designed to Elevate 3 “Miracle Molecules”
HGH, Nitric Oxide, and SOD

All three of these molecules decline as we age, leading to premature aging. Increasing these amazing “youth molecules” can slow down aging and extend the experience of youthfulness for years, even decades. Also, Theta One is unique in that it can produce a significant amount of energy and youthful vitality in the human body and brain, without the help of any caffeine or sugar. This is an energy that can last all day—not just two hours, or four hours. All day.

LifeWave's release of Theta One to the world is creating tremendous excitement around the world because millions of people want to increase their energy naturally.

“My energy increase with Theta One is undeniable. I have incredible vitality, stamina, focus and concentration, thanks to Theta One. And that’s just in the first 21 days. There’s a youthfulness I’m experiencing with Theta One, which I haven’t experienced in a long, long time. Plus my productivity level has increased significantly. Because of Theta One, I’m getting so much more done in a day. Some days, for hours after using Theta One, I feel ageless. I have no sense of age.”
—Roger D., United States

Most Energy Drinks Gradually Destroy Health
LifeWave Theta One Regenerates Health!

Some might think of Theta One solely as an Anti-Aging, All Day Energy Drink. It’s that for sure. If people want a lot more vitality and all day stamina (without destroying their health, with products loaded with caffeine or sugar), chances are they will love Theta One. And that, by itself, could be worth buying it and using it every day, for years to come. But, as important as energy is to one’s physical, mental and emotional health, that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what Theta One can do for one.

Theta One works faster to improve health than anything we’ve seen. So, let’s list more specifically what Theta One can offer you, in as little as 14 to 21 days. Please note that THIS IS BASED ON ACTUAL RESULTS people are experiencing after taking Theta One, as well as thousands of pages of scientific research related to the unique ingredients in Theta One.

20 Life Changing Benefits Reported by People Who are Drinking Theta One Daily:

- NEW, IMPROVED ENERGY…A pronounced, NEW level of energy and vitality…this is NOT subtle
- FOCUS…An enhanced ability to focus and concentrate
- BETTER BLOOD FLOW…Increased circulation and blood flow to every part of the body—from head to toe, based on a Nobel Prize Winning discovery—this is significant since cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death, year after year…(see more on the importance of improving blood flow on down the page)
- STAMINA…Theta One offers ALL DAY stamina, strength and endurance
- MOOD ELEVATION…Enhanced Well Being! Theta one is quickly becoming known as “the happy drink”—with ZERO caffeine or other harmful stimulants
- LESS NEED FOR CAFFEINE…Some people are literally stopping their morning ritual of caffeine, within a short time of using Theta One…it’s that powerful
- ENHANCED LIBIDO…Libido is improved NATURALLY, thanks to KEY nutrients the body makes with Theta One…
- A MORE POWERFUL BRAIN…Noticeably improved brain power—Theta One stimulates the brain
- INCREASED EXERCISE PERFORMANCE…Taking Theta One, right before a workout, can significantly improve exercise and recovery
- FAT LOSS…Many are reporting effortless fat loss and loss of inches (even around the waist)
- MUSCLE TONE…Increase in muscle, in the right spots, without any effort
- HIGHER PRODUCTIVITY LEVELS…people using Theta One are getting a lot more done in a day
- SKIN ENHANCEMENT…Youthful, more radiant skin—skin complexion is improved thanks to KEY Anti-Aging nutrients in Theta One, that can regenerate the skin

Theta One and Blood Flow…
There’s a saying in the health field…“There is only one disease and that’s congestion. There is only one cure and that’s circulation.”

One of the secrets to Theta One is the way IT CAN SIGNIFICANLTY INCREASE BLOOD FLOW throughout the ENTIRE body. Just about everybody on the planet would benefit from using Theta One for this reason alone. The last thing we want is “congested” blood flow. Our longevity is dependent upon a strong blood flow. And yet congested blood flow is the root cause of disease and illness for millions of people.

According to one piece of literature, Medical Universities have long taught that over 50% of aging is compromised blood flow. If you want to stay younger longer, do whatever you can to improve your blood flow. Life is all about circulation. Theta One offers powerful protection for the heart and cardiovascular system. Enhanced blood flow is a master key to staying younger longer.

Here are more Anti-Aging BENEFITS that people are experiencing with Theta One:
- BETTER MEMORY…Theta One creates a sharper mind. Many are experiencing a heightened state of mental alertness, that’s unique to Theta One
- ENHANCED IMMUNE SYSTEM…Theta One can boost the immune system— one’s most important line of defense against illness and disease
- FASTER WOUND HEALING due to increased blood flow
- SPECIAL FREE RADICAL PROTECTION: Theta One can significantly reduce certain dangerous free radicals…it breaks down SPECIFIC FREE RADICALS linked to aging and disease…it offers a NEW LEVEL of anti-oxidant power…one single ingredient in Theta One is 1,000 times stronger than vitamin C, as an anti-oxidant
- DEEP STRESS RELIEF…Can significantly reduce the stress that causes one to age prematurely
- GREATER STRENGTH: With or without exercise, Theta One can create a leaner and stronger body
- ANTI-INFLAMMATORY…Science has proven, beyond a doubt, that inflammation speeds up aging. Theta One offers powerful anti-inflammatory properties, to prevent disease
- PLUS OTHER LIFE CHANGING BENEFITS. The ingredients in Theta One can also improve many chronic health problems.

Only 15-Minutes to a Theta One Smile…

Many people using Theta One report a wonderfully enhanced sense of well-being. One user put it this way, “ A smile comes on my face within 15 minutes of drinking Theta One.” That’s why some call it “The Happy Drink”.

Theta One is an ingenious discovery! It incorporates a Triple Action System promoting Growth Hormone, Nitric Oxide and SOD to create a sense of vibrant health never before available in a health product. The testimonials around Theta One are pouring in from all over the world.

“Today is my 5th day using Theta One Corsentials. I feel a great difference in my body - hard to explain- but I am HAPPY all over. I am sleeping like a baby at night, and filled with optimism all day! Thank you for this fantastic product. I am so excited to see the results in a month of using it.”
—Maybrith D., Denmark

“Wow…Energy, immune system, libido, overall health! Tremendous product and tastes great. If you haven’t tried it, you need to try it.”
—Doctor Kenneth M., United States

“The Theta One program is for me a very powerful product. I have used it for one month now. I'm 51-years-old and feel like 20 again. I'm beginning to run (instead of walking) like I did when I was young. I feel younger inside, and I'm calmer.”
—Jens H., Denmark

“My experience with Theta One is very positive. I'm using it for the sixth day now, and I can say that I feel very energetic and healthy. I use Theta One every morning and feel very well during the whole day. No lack of energy and a strong and powerful feeling until late evening.”
—Axel S., Germany

“I've been using Theta One for 10 days and because my mind is calm and quiet, I go right to sleep. LOVE IT! Can't wait to see what happens over the next few weeks of using Theta One!” —Katie P., United States

“Wow, was awakened by the DHL delivery guy this morning. Opened the box of Theta One Corsentials and had a drink immediately (while the coffee brewed). What a nice wake up call! After 15 minutes I didn't need the coffee, but felt vibrant and alive.” —Jane R., Denmark

“The first drink of Theta One I tried gave me instant energy.” —Darla R., United States

“I have had a good experience with Theta One. I definitely noticed an increase in vitality. I also have more energy and stamina.”
—Doctor Dennis C., United States

“I’m on day 10 of Theta One Corsentials. My skin is changing—it feels more supple and less dry. Amazing results in such a short time period.”
—Ginny O., United States

“The first effect is energy. I feel that I have more energy. I’ve noticed my skin is better. My skin always breaks out (I’m 47) and my skin looks better now, after using Theta One. After a month, I feel better. I wake up in the morning enjoying looking at myself.”
—Nickie C., United States

“It’s really amazing, I can’t believe it. Now after just 10 minutes of using Theta One again, I feel as though I would be able to go into the forest and climb all the trees. I feel years younger!”
—Jan W., Germany

"This product seems absolutely amazing. Theta One is wellness, health and increased performance—which I’ve never achieved more effectively."
—Miguel M., LifeWave Distributor, Denmark

“I have been using Theta One Corsentials pack for 10 days and yesterday I got so many nice comments about my skin and my eyes, and that makes me very happy.” —Vivi B., Denmark

About LifeWave
Founded in 2004 by inventor and entrepreneur, David Schmidt, LifeWave is a health technology company that makes the path to better health and greater wealth simpler than ever. LifeWave offers proprietary health products that improve quality of life all over the world. Headquartered in San Diego, California, LifeWave is a privately held company.