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Lift Laser & Body Beefs Up Its Program, Announces Addition of Dr. Bailey Into the Team


Schaumburg, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/05/2012 -- The health and wellness industry is always fluid, thanks to new innovations and medical advancements that can help dieters and the health conscious get a healthier and sexier body in no time. Lift Laser & Body of Schaumburg, Illinois understands the need to be current and updated of the latest technologies and trends. To remain on top of the game, Lift Laser & Body beefs up its delivery of healthcare and wellness service in greater Chicago are by adding a new doctor, Dr. Christopher Bailey.

Even before Dr. Bailey joined the team, the Lift Laser & Body has been known as one of the best health and wellness centers in Chicago that offers minimally invasive and safe body contouring services. The promise is safe and quicker results that can be customized to meet client requirements and preferences. To deliver these services, the clinic offers a wide selection of body treatments that can meet different requirements. Some of the leading body treatments include the Water Jet-Assisted Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Skin Tyte, Laser Lipolysis and Cellulite Reduction. All these body treatments are delivered using safe and tested methods that can bring permanent changes. The clinic also complements these body treatments by offering counseling, appetite-suppressant programs and healthy supplements. All these are given to clients through the guidance of Dr. Jafer Joffrey, MD, considered as one of the best in his field.

But with the entry of Dr. Bailey into the team, the health and wellness clinic aims for more in the form of safe and better services. Dr. Bailey has a competent background in molecular cellular biology and was trained at the University of Illinois. But his sub-specialty in Obesity Medicine makes him a perfect addition to then Lift Laser and Body team. With a good a good understanding on how people get obese and the mechanics of obesity, Dr. Bailey is more than capable of delivering health and wellness services to complement the pre-existing services of the clinic. Dr. Bailey has years of verified competent experience in this sub-specialization having been part of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians and is also backed with a certification in Family Medicine. His training and education puts him in a better position to assess and give recommendations to obese people and provide patients with guidance and education regarding the health effects associated with obesity. To complement this expertise, Dr. Bailey has been trained as well in surgical hair transplantation and the use of Neo-Graft system used by the Chicago Hair Clinic.

With the addition of a new competent team member, expect better and safer services from Lift Laser & Body. Dr. Joffrey and Dr. Bailey may come from slightly different backgrounds and specializations but this will actually help the clinic in the long run to provide a more holistic and comprehensive health and wellness services to patients.

With a mission to “provide you with the best aesthetic services available utilizing cutting edge technology and impeccable technique”, Lift laser & Body is more than ready now that Dr. Bailey is on-board.

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