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Liftn Buddy Advocates Safety Plan for Manufacturers


North Fargo, ND -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/27/2013 -- Aaron Lamb, General Manager of Lift’n Buddy ( commented in the weekly blog, Make it Safe Monday, focusing on putting together a safety plan that is easy and effective for manufacturers is essential. Lamb took a look at the major principles of creating a safety plan that can prevent thousands of injuries. They include regular assessment, structure, simplicity, and administration of the plan.

According to Lamb, “In 2011, the United States’ private manufacturing sector reported half a million injuries and illnesses that were job related. Work related injuries are not always as sudden as getting your hand caught in a machine, but can be caused by small repetitive injuries that go unnoticed for years. Loud noises or repetitive heavy lifting are commonly overlooked in the workplace. An employee may not notice a slight hearing loss or a stiff back after two years, but after 15 years this micro-trauma will take its toll on the body. These long term injuries will end up costing companies millions of dollars in lost productivity and lawsuits.”

Nearly 99% of companies have a safety plan for their employees. The problem is that this plan is being poorly implemented. Depending on the business, these can range from word of mouth instructions to a 500 page operational manual. Understandably, word of mouth instructions can be easily forgotten, and most will not take the time to read a 500 page technical book.

Regular Assessment: Every time a new machine is brought into the workplace, there should be adequate training for all employees that will come use it. A schedule should be created to check old equipment and confirm that it is up to date.

Structure: A safety team should be put together consisting of employees from each department within the business. This brings fresh and new ideas from people who don’t work with the equipment on a daily basis.

Simplicity: The safety guidelines should be presented in a way that is very straight forward and concise. Signs and labels on each machine stating its’ proper use is a great regular reminder. Certain businesses may be able to take advantage of a check list for lengthy or repetitive procedures. Keep safety manuals short if possible, two to three pages at most.

Administration: Implementation and persistence should be stressed from upper management on down. It should be emphasized on a regular basis that managers are the leaders and all safety procedures need to be enforced.
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Lift'n Buddy (, a division of Southworth Products, is the revolutionary mobile lifting device that combines the best of a standard two-wheeler's durability and functionality, with automatic lifting and lowering capabilities. Lift’n Buddy was the recipient of the 2012 Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Awards for Technology Design as well as the Edison Award; Lift’n Buddy was recognized for new product innovation, in the category of Industrial Design Tools. The Lift'n Buddy is designed with proper ergonomics and safety in mind for any person and any moving and lifting job. These mobile lifting devices, fabricated of durable, lightweight, extruded aluminum, help companies avoid the exposure of employee injury, litigation, and workers’ compensation claims.

Lift’n Buddy, a division of Southworth Products
Aaron M. Lamb, General Manager