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Liftn Buddy General Manager Explains Hazards of Ordinary Hand Trucks

Liftn Buddy General Manager Explains Hazards of Ordinary Hand Trucks


North Fargo, ND -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2013 -- While it may sound like a minor issue, proper use of hand trucks can reduce one of the nations' leading workplace safety issues - back injuries. Many back injuries are a result of lifting heavy or awkward loads. They can sometimes be prevented simply by using a hand truck. There are no hard and fast rules on when to use hand trucks, but common sense should dictate when a load is too heavy or cumbersome to lift manually.

Two-wheeled hand trucks look easy to handle, but it is easy to lose the load and suffer serious injury. What takes a little more thought is choosing the right hand truck for the job. Choosing the right size and design to handle the load is essential. Curved bed trucks, for example, are designed to handle drums.

Aaron Lamb, General Manager of Lift’n Buddy asserts that manufacturing firms need Lift’n Buddy more than ordinary 2-wheel hand trucks. Although 2-wheel hand trucks have advantages such as being inexpensive, lightweight, the 2-wheel hand truck has serious (and often dangerous) limitations.

The 2-wheel hand truck is a transporter only; there is no vertical travel. Other OSHA and general safety considerations which make the ordinary hand truck dangerous include the user having to bend and reach to place and retrieve items at the bottom of a load. These simpler hand trucks also have a small platen which limits the size of the load that can be carried. (A platen is a flat plate especially one that exerts or receives pressure.)

Recognized by leading engineering, design and industrial organizations and publications the innovative Lift’n Buddy is part of Southworth Products Corporation the world's largest manufacturer of ergonomic material handling equipment.

About Lift’n Buddy
Lift'n Buddy ( is the revolutionary mobile lifting device that combines the best of a standard two-wheeler's durability and functionality, with automatic lifting and lowering capabilities. Lift’n Buddy was the recipient of the 2012 Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Awards for Technology Design as well as the Edison Award; Lift’n Buddy was recognized for new product innovation, in the category of Industrial Design Tools. The Lift'n Buddy is designed with proper ergonomics and safety in mind for any person and any moving and lifting job. These mobile lifting devices, fabricated of durable, lightweight, extruded aluminum, help companies avoid the exposure of employee injury, litigation, and workers’ compensation claims.

Lift’n Buddy, a division of Southworth Products
Aaron M. Lamb, General Manager