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Liftn Buddy "Make-It-Safe Monday" Blog Series on Safety in the Workplace

Liftn Buddy "Make-It-Safe Monday" Blog Series on Safety in the Workplace


North Fargo, ND -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2012 -- Lift’n Buddy will launch a new blog starting Monday, October 15th. According to Ergologistics (makers of Lift’n Buddy), the new blog will be called "Make-It-Safe Monday” a series on safety in the workplace. Aaron Lamb, President noted, “The learning curve for addressing work force safety issues needs to be rock-bottom low and expeditious. A company does not want to be saddled with worker injuries.

One injury is one too many. A subsequent injury is a pattern. The blog about work place safety and injury prevention is meant to push the conversation and to be an agent of change. The heart and soul of this blog is the worker and the safety implements and programs to keep that worker safe. I look forward to the opportunity to be a voice, not only for the Lift'n Buddy product line we offer, but to keep workers safe from head to toe, and to remind companies to institute safety from floor to ceiling. Together, we can keep this conversation dynamic enough to eradicate work place injuries as if it were a disease. The best defense for worker safety is to go on the offense. Our blog will be indicative of this approach.”

Lift'n Buddy ( is the revolutionary mobile lifting device that combines the best of a standard two-wheeler's durability and functionality, with automatic lifting and lowering capabilities. Recently awarded the 2012 Edison Award, Lift’n Buddy was recognized for new product innovation, in the category of Industrial Design Tools. The Lift'n Buddy has been designed with proper ergonomics and safety in mind for any person and any moving and lifting job. These mobile lifting devices, fabricated of durable, lightweight, extruded aluminum, help companies avoid the exposure of employee injury, litigation, and workers’ compensation claims.

Ergologistics manufactures innovative products for the health and welfare of material handling workers. Lift'n Buddy is designed and distributed by Ergologistics, LLC; manufactured in Fargo, North Dakota, the company is a proud member of MHIA (Material Handling Industry of America), National Safety Council, and MHEDA (Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association).

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Aaron M. Lamb, President