Liftory Offers Content Strategy Services


Warrington, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/05/2015 -- While the old truth about content being the king lives on, many people – particularly entrepreneurs building a start-up for the first time – don't have a clear and complete idea of what content is, exactly, and why it is the king. That's why Liftory, a leading provider of eCommerce consulting in Philadelphia, is proud to announce that content strategy services are a part of their comprehensive approach to eCommerce consultation. Great and engaging content is key in making a customer interact with and relate to a company, which is why Liftory wants to pay special attention to content as they build a client's brand. Good content is what makes the difference between an easily forgettable and a fun, interesting website.

Founded in 2014, Liftory specializes in online retail consulting in Philadelphia. They are experts at identifying customers from users, as well as creating a brand that interests those customers. They want to teach their clients not to treat customers as sessions or traffic, but real persons with needs, preferences and opinions. Liftory believes every truly great brand is based on understanding customers and their needs, and responding to those needs.

As a growing company, Liftory also aims to be an inspiring employer and, as such, would like to remind that they currently have several job opportunities available on their company website.

Anyone interested in the myriad of services Liftory provides for their clientele should visit the company website for more information, including a walk-through of the five step process Liftory developed for making an eCommerce business a success.

About Liftory
The team of marketing executives, digital marketing managers, business analysts and creative editors at Liftory works with eCommerce and technology companies to accelerate their growth. As a digital management consulting firm focused on growing each brand's image and increasing revenue, Liftory uses every strategy available to implement personalized marketing and growth plans. They focus on brand marketing, digital marketing, customer centricity modeling and conversion optimization so that each brand's online presence is designed to beat the competition in every facet of digital commerce.

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