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Ligand Corp to Unveil New Low-Cost Ventilator for Developing Nations

Dayo Olakulehin, CEO of Ligand Corp unveiled the D-Box, a revolutionary new, inexpensive patent-pending ventilator developed for use in resource-limited nations and in disaster relief situations.


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/25/2016 -- Patients requiring emergency respiratory support in developing nations are often unable to receive necessary intensive care due to the cost and inaccessibility of proper ventilators. This is about to change due to a new invention co-developed by Dayo Olakulehin and a Canadian product development firm, Inertia Engineering + Design.

At an estimated 1/100th the cost of a traditional ventilators, the D-Box is financially and physically accessible to those underserviced markets. The D-Box requires little expertise to operate, it's easily deployable, and has a rechargeable battery pack for continuous operation during power outages which can occur even in large cities of developing nations, in disaster relief situations, or in any remote location.

The event in Lagos was held to raise awareness and inspire government, private sector and philanthropic pre-orders and investment. The joint venture is aiming to get the product into the hands of hospitals and medical centres in the next 16 months. The launch event took place at Incubator 2, City of David, Dideolu Estate, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria at 10:00am on Friday January 15, 2016.

Photos and video of this event will be available for the media. Both Ray and Dayo are available for interviews.

About Ligand Corp Medtech
LigandCorp is a medical technology product solutions company, geared towards providing devices for use in health facilities in the developing nations of the world. Dayo Olakulehin, CEO and founder of Ligand Corp, is a trained medical doctor, thought leader, speaker, critical thinker, creative writer, innovator and inventor. He has a passion for quality health care delivery with a keen interest in disease patterns in populations, health innovation and entrepreneurship, and clinical research. Dayo is also the founder of Africa's first Medical Innovation Hub, PAMIH. For more information, please contact Dayo Olakulehin at

About Inertia Engineering + Design Inc.
Inertia is a product development service company that's been helping individuals and start-ups bring high-impact product ideas to life for the past 12 years in industries ranging from medical, safety, security and defense to consumer and industrial products. Inertia has become somewhat of a defacto incubator for their start-up clientele, playing a key role as a product development partner in their businesses – helping clients to design, engineer, prototype, test, and manufacture their products. Ray Minato is the Founder, President and CEO of Inertia Engineering + Design and has over 20 years' experience in product design, development, manufacturing and entrepreneurship. For more information, please contact Ray Minato at