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LEX-1000 Light Measurement Sensor from EMX Industries Is Invaluable for Numerous Industries

Accurate, High-Speed Light Measurement, Differentiation & Evaluation from EMX, Inc.


Cleveland, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/06/2013 -- The LEX-1000 color light measurement sensor produced by EMX Industries, Inc., is a versatile solution which can provide amazing results for many different businesses. With real-time, high-speed color evaluation, measurement and differentiation, the LEX-1000 can be seamlessly used in nearly any factory or industrial setting.

The range of industries and usages for the LEX-1000 light measurement sensor is far-reaching.

For the production of electronics and electronic assemblies, the sensor can be utilized with indicator LED lights or larger screens, verifying quality and functionality. Comparative measurements can be made on LED displays of any size, ensuring consistent, efficient and high quality production. Light sources can be evaluated for their RGB color characteristics, with either absolute RGB levels or relative color comparisons. Indoor or outdoor LED lighting can be checked for quality and effectiveness.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for the multitude of ways and settings in which the LEX-1000 sensor can be put to use, and it can be a difference-maker for businesses looking to improve output quality, production efficiency, and consistency.

The LEX-1000 operates by separating the visual light from virtually any source into its red, green and blue components. The sensor collects light and then focuses it onto a sensitive internal receiver, which analyzes the light for its RGB values, and it thrives thanks to its fast response time, high resolution and all of the additional features and settings which provide factories with unparalleled capabilities.

Users preprogram the sensor for the acceptable color measurements and parameters. If the readings of all three colors are determined to be in the appropriate range, a discrete signal quickly indicates a color match. Four different programmable color recognition channels can be saved and stored at all times, enabling easy switching and added versatility for different systems or products.

The LEX-1000 is connected to a PC via USB cable, and utilizes the ColorMax Windows Application Program software for comprehensive and intuitive configuration and display. This is an exclusive capability and is a crucial advantage when compared to the competition, offering users a wealth of easy to use and interpret information, along with hassle-free setup.

RGB values can be displayed as absolute values from 1 to 100%, and viewed as bar graphs, or alternatively, displayed as relative values in the form of pie charts. Users have control over programming acceptable RGB values across the four channels, tolerance levels from .5% to 50%, and more.

Recommended operating distance is from approximately 50mm to 600mm dependant on the light source intensity. This wide range adds to the flexibility and easy integration of the sensor, as it can be easily placed on-line without altering existing operations.

Operators can be locked out from changing sensor settings, ensuring that quality issues are never prevented from being reported. Exclusive M30 housing provides a rugged and durable construction which will hold up to the rigors of any industrial environment.

Clearly, the LEX-1000 light measurement sensor is a versatile and robust solution for numerous industries and processes. It can be quickly and easily integrated into nearly any existing factory automation setting, and the high-speed measurement and evaluation of light will provide consistent, accurate results which improve efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Defects or flaws can be instantly detected and solutions can be put into place before larger problems occur, saving time and money, and improving quality.

EMX Industries produces a wide range of high quality, innovative and accurate industrial sensors and access controls. Their products solve difficult real-world challenges, and are proven to perform in these settings, where they live up to even the loftiest of standards and perform their jobs efficiently and reliably, with industry-leading features and capabilities.

Entire product specifications, pricing request forms, and a demo video are all available for the LEX-1000 color light measurement sensor at EMXInc.com. Call 216.518.9888 to speak with the team at EMX Industries, Inc. and learn more about how the LEX-1000 can be put to use today.

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