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Light Therapy Takes Leap Forward with New Cryxon Crystal Lamp


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/19/2014 -- Light therapy, which has been known widely for its positive, healing effects for thousands of years, is now available in the new Cryxon Crystal Lamp. Cryxon is the first product to combine the beneficial effects of crystal, colour and light therapy, which aims to help people become healthier. It features a number of crystals including amethyst, citrine, rock crystal, rose quartz and smokey quartz.

“The human organs are vibrating at different frequencies,” said Andrea Molnar, Cryxon public relations manager. “In cases of tiredness or illness, this frequency drops. Cryxon can increase the level of the sick body part’s frequency back to normal and with the help of crystals, colours and lights, helping to promote the self-healing process.”

The development team at Cryxon realized the beneficial effects of crystal, colour and light therapy and, as a result of a synergy effect, their strengths are increased when combined.

According to the website, the innovative technology of Cryxon is so easy to use. The crystals of the device can be switched so users can choose the most appropriate crystal head for their treatment. The device also has light-mixing technology that can produce all the chakra colours, which can increase the efficiency of the Cryxon.

Cryxon’s expert neuropaths and engineers worked for three years to create the revolutionary device. It has a TUV certificate of conformity, and it has been 100 percent designed, developed and produced in the EU.

The main unit, which contains the light source, electronics, battery and the port needed for the operation, is suitable for hand-held operation. The base offers user the opportunity to position it on a desk. The device can also be mounted onto a standard tripod and used as a portable device.

To help spread the benefits of Cryxon further, the company has started an indiegogo.com fundraising campaign. They look to raise 50,000 dollars by June 17, 2014.

The money raised will go toward, among other things, clinical tests, which look to prove the crystal lamp’s impact on maintaining health. The money will also support Cryxon as it begins mass production of this innovative device.

About Cryxon Crystal Lamp
The Cryxon Crystal Lamp is an innovative hand-held device that combines the power of crystal, colour and light therapy to promote healing and wellness of the body. For more information, please visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/cryxon-crystal-lamp-revolutionary-leap-in-light-therapy, or the homepage of Cryxon www.cryxon.com. For further information, please contact andrea@cryxon.com.