Joe Bragg Wants to "Make Films Pop" with Hundreds of Light Leak Video Effects


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2013 -- Light leak video effects are an easy and effective way to improve the appearance of any video. Light leaks are layered over existing footage in order to achieve a specific effect. Some light leaks are designed to enhance specific colors, while others give footage a brighter, darker, or more vibrant appearance.

One website wants to connect videographers with any light leaks they need in order to enhance their footage. That website is, which offers a range of high-quality light leak video effects that can be directly used in a number of popular video editing applications. The website includes a range of light leaks for sale as well as free light leak video effects.

A spokesperson for explains how the website works:

“Anybody who wants to enhance video footage can visit our website to download a wide range of free and paid light leaks. We sell light leaks for as little as $10.99 and have separated our light leaks into sections based on where they are used. Some light leaks are for footage shot at 25 frames per second, for example, while other light leaks are for 29.97fps footage. Visitors can browse through all categories using our website’s navigation system, and once visitors are ready to make a purchase, they can do so simply by adding items to their shopping cart and checking out.”

All light leaks available at can be edited using popular video editing software, including Final Cut Pro 6, 7, and X, as well as Apple Motion, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, and other similar programs. After downloading light leaks, users simply add the leak into their footage with a simple click.

Those interested in seeing how light leaks work can browse through the selection of light leaks at The website features before and after pictures for most popular light leaks, making it easy for videographers to find the perfect effect they seek. Customers can also rate light leaks out of five stars based on their experience.

Meanwhile, those who are just beginning to understand film and video editing can learn a number of light leak tips and tricks at the website. The site’s homepage features a slideshow presentation that explains how to use light leaks for maximum effect in any types of videos, while a regularly-updated blog explains tips and tricks for a number of popular video editing programs.

About is a light leak video effect store that offers a number of light leak video effects for sale as well as free downloads. Light leaks enhance video footage in certain unique ways and can easily be added to video footage using popular editing programs like Apple Motion or Final Cut. For more information, please visit: