Lightsaber Combat Explained Through iPhone App

Creator of Light Saber Combat App to appear on national television.


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2013 -- Light saber extraordinaire, Matthew Carauddo will be appearing Sunday March 2, 2013 on NBC’s Today Show to teach the art of saber combat.  Matthew a.k.a. Greytale Novastar is releasing a free app teaching how to use led sabers to coincide with his appearance. Everyone wants to have a laser sword or light saber and this app teaches the unique skills and mastery of learning about the sword.

Novastar's Basic Combat Tutorial + SaberCombat I is a unique app features a system created by a professional fence instructor which anyone of all levels is able to learn. This will empower any and all budding Star Wars fans and friends to do so with the skills of a true Jedi Master.

Features of the app include:

-Saber handling basics

-Saber movement and footwork drills

-How to make your own saber

-Saber choreography - How to make fight scenes

Device requirements:

-iPod touch (3rd gen and up), iPhone (3G and up), all iPads

-Requires iOS 5.0 or later

-Size: 11.4 MB

-Optional Boilerplate

Pricing and availability:

Novastar's Basic Combat Tutorial + SaberCombat I is currently available for sale worldwide through the App Store in the Education category for free with an in app purchase of $12.99,

49.99, and 54.99. Review copies of the premium NCSCS I & II are available upon request.

Novastar’s website:          App Store:

App video:    Press Kit:

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