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Ultra Sabers Highlights Their Star Wars Light Saber

Star Wars Fans Can Enjoy Realistic-Looking Star Wars Light Saber Products


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/13/2013 -- Lightsaber replica company Ultra Sabers is now highlighting their realistic Star Wars light sabers. Their popular Star Wars light sabers are just one of the many kinds of light sabers they offer.

For fans of the epic Star Wars saga, nothing is more iconic of the series than the light saber. Though many people own action figures and posters for the movies, the most coveted item, by far, would have to be a realistic, working replica lightsaber. Star Wars fans can get just that, at Ultra Sabers, whether they are looking for exact lightsaber replicas, or similar designs, complete with lights and sounds. Ultra Sabers prides itself on the quality of their light saber products, claiming to be “the combat light saber specialists.” A quick look at their website, and perhaps a hands-on trial of their light sabers, would prove just that.

For those interested in light sabers as more than just memorabilia, Ultra Sabers sells a wide variety of products. They offer sabers with either single or double blades, stunt sabers, and light sabers with sounds. On their website, customers can even build their own custom light sabers, for a truly unique item. Visitors to their website can also find videos that show off the products, forums from other saber aficionados, and all kinds of parts and accessories.

About Ultrasabers
Ultrasabers is dedicated to providing the gaming enthusiast and Star Wars aficionado with high-quality, durable lightsaber replicas that look, feel and sound like the real thing. The company’s mission is to make lightsabers that are tough and durable enough for actual swordplay. Whether to attempt to save the galaxy, or to bring it under evil dominion, Ultrasabers has the weapon for the Star Wars combat enthusiast. For more detail please visit, http://www.ultrasabers.com/.