Lightspeed Trading Highlights Lightspeed Trader's Short Locate Functionality in Recent Video


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/06/2017 -- Lightspeed Trading, consistently recognized as a broker offering the best in online stock trading, publishes tutorials on their website to help traders familiarize themselves with the various features of their trading platforms. The most recent of the videos added to their cache of resources for the active trader is, "How to Locate Stock for Short Selling on Lightspeed Trader." The brief video gives users a concise overview of how to use the platform to find stocks that aren't on the easy to borrow list for short selling.

To check the ease of a certain securities borrowability, traders first enter their desired symbol into the platform's quote window. In the upper right corner of the window, a color-coded letter will appear to indicate the ease with which the security can be borrowed. If the security needs to be located, an 'L' will appear. Traders can then use the Short Request module to locate the desired number of shares for a particular symbol. This feature will also provide the cost to borrow those shares instantaneously. This functionality gives Lightspeed customers quicker and easier access to borrows.

"Improving platform functionality that allows for faster and easier trading based on the feedback of our clients is a priority for us," said Tom Gibb, Co-President of Lightspeed Trading. "The new short locate functionality of Lightspeed Trader was a commonly requested feature and is proving to be one of our most popular."

Traders can watch the video in its entirety here:

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