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LightspeedADS Hits Major Milestone: 3,000 Advertisers Now Using Their Pop Under Service


Edinburgh, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2013 -- Do you feel you run a high quality website that just isn’t getting the attention that it rightfully deserves?

Are you sick and tired of constantly pandering to the whims of the major search engines and still ultimately getting nowhere?

Do you wish there was an affordable and effective way of finding visitors for your website, with a minimum of hassle and a guarantee of success?

If you find yourself consistently asking these questions, then we are proud to provide you with an answer, Lightspeed ADS.

Lightspeed ADS” has been persistently out-performing both the advertising and search engine optimization strategies of legions of websites for several years now and has firmly established itself as the go-to company for independent websites looking to increase the market share that their website achieves, whatever it’s niche of operations.

With over 40 genre specific categories to choose from and the ability to target over 300 real world locations, Lightspeed ADS can find exactly the right demographic of visitor for your website and therefore greatly increase the likelihood that each visit to your site will ultimately convert into a sale.

Furthermore, unlike many online companies that claim to provide a similar service, Lightspeed ADS guarantees that every visitor you purchase will be both unique and more importantly, real. They do not use SPAM tactics, bots or ‘creative’ software solutions to find you visitors, everything they do is both genuine and authentic.

Not only is the service offered by Lightspeed ADS effective and reliable, it is also incredibly easy to use. You first “buy web traffic” by selecting the amount of traffic you wish to purchase, then you select your desired target, by both category and location and finally choose the speed with which you wish your order to be fully delivered. It’s that simple!

Once you have placed your order, Lightspeed ADS set you up with a user account and begin the process of finding visitors for your website. You need not simply take their word for this either as they provide you with a trusted tracking service, allowing you to monitor your order’s progress as it happens.

Lightspeed ADS are quite simply the best at what they do and with their database of websites growing all the time they are only going to get better and better at providing websites with the traffic that they crave in the years to come. Don’t let your website miss out, order today!

About Lightspeed ADS
Lightspeed ADS are an up and coming pop under advertising company based within the UK. We work with many local and international businesses to bring laser targeted traffic straight to our clients website.

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